The Power of Personal Development

Let’s get real: You’ve hired people at your credit union that didn’t work out. Some were never the right fit, while others lost something over time.  I’m reminded of when one of our credit unions hired a marketing specialist. She was rather boastful about having earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and she was quick […]

New Year, New Sales Approach: Fresh Tactics for Credit Union Growth

3 Credit Union Sales Tactics for 2024It’s fair to say that the key to credit union sales is empowering the member. When they feel in control, they are more likely to close deals – open memberships, loans, checking accounts, etc. What has changed, however, is redefining our approach as credit unions. Our pursuit demands new avenues […]

The Humble Leader’s Guide for Credit Union Resilience

There is a delicate dance of expressing gratitude this time of year. There is a stronger desire to show employees appreciation through festive cheer, gift-giving, and sugary bliss in the breakroom. But how can you go beyond surface appreciation? Expressing thanks and showing appreciation fosters a sense of mutual respect and connection with others. However, […]

Personal Growth for Credit Union Professionals

Reflecting on the Year That Was As the year draws to a close, there’s a natural urge to shift our focus to the future. Before you do… what story did this past year tell? How have your chapters unfolded? Let’s not overlook the art of personal reflection. It can illuminate your path forward and pave […]

The Art of Persuasion in Credit Union Sales Success

Year-End Sales Push: Persuasion TipsAs we stand on the cusp of the busiest time of the year, with year-end credit union goals looming large, it’s crucial to recognize that the art of persuasion can be a game-changer, not only for you, but for your entire team. Sales, at its core, is not just about products […]

Boost Your Leadership Skills This Fall: 5 Strategies for Success

In Autumn’s cloak of colors, like a pirate in disguise, It sneaks upon us, robbing focus from our eyes. We chart our course for New Year’s goals, so clear, But fall’s distractions hijack, causing us to veer. The fall season is typically reserved by credit unions to set clear objectives and strategies for the New […]

How To Fill Empty Positions At Your Credit Union

teal and yellow people sitting across from each other at a gray desk

There are a record number of credit union job openings, and yet, nobody is getting hired. Just reading this opening sentence has some of you thinking about the minimum wage movement for $15 an hour, and how you can’t compete with the national burger chain down the street. Toss in a year-over-year inflation rate of […]

Market harder or smarter? Or something else?

yellow doodle man doing yoga pose meditation

Market harder? In viewing the TikTok, I stumbled upon this video message (Hey, if we can call a movie “The Batman,” I can call it the TikTok!): “A serious mistake a whole generation of people have done, that if you study, how should you study? ‘Hard. Study harder,’” said Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian guru. […]

Why We’re Steamed When We’re Called a Bank

yellow person holding a folder looking at a no symbol and a bank icon

‘Don’t Call Us a Bank’ As an industry, we in the credit union space get steamed when we’re called a “bank.” I often wonder what Chime, Better, Earnest and others in the FinTech space think when the word gets tossed their way. I would bet they don’t mind. For them, it’s most likely a badge […]

3 Rules Before Hiring a Branding Agency

color palette with various colors

Not all branding agencies are created equally. In fact, there a few lousy ones. Thinking of a credit union rebrand? This is a must read before you hire a branding agency.

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When Alex is out with friends – including her YMC colleagues – she’s up for Greek cuisine or some good pulled pork BBQ washed down with Diet Coke. Or an Old Fashioned, if the occasion demands. Someday, she hopes to go to Africa on a safari. Hopefully she’ll see a giraffe in the wild, because – as she’s pointed out – its neck is too short to reach the ground!

When she isn’t jamming out to T-Swift, she’s happy to impart some marketing words of wisdom, “Aim to create something unforgettable.” For day-to-day inspiration, she would remind you of two fundamental truths: You decide your happiness, and Ice cream is its own food group—not just a dessert.

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