How To Fill Empty Positions At Your Credit Union

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There are a record number of credit union job openings, and yet, nobody is getting hired. Just reading this opening sentence has some of you thinking about the minimum wage movement for $15 an hour, and how you can’t compete with the national burger chain down the street. Toss in a year-over-year inflation rate of […]

Market harder or smarter? Or something else?

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Market harder? In viewing the TikTok, I stumbled upon this video message (Hey, if we can call a movie “The Batman,” I can call it the TikTok!): “A serious mistake a whole generation of people have done, that if you study, how should you study? ‘Hard. Study harder,’” said Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian guru. […]

Why We’re Steamed When We’re Called a Bank

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‘Don’t Call Us a Bank’ As an industry, we in the credit union space get steamed when we’re called a “bank.” I often wonder what Chime, Better, Earnest and others in the FinTech space think when the word gets tossed their way. I would bet they don’t mind. For them, it’s most likely a badge […]

3 Rules Before Hiring a Branding Agency

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Not all branding agencies are created equally. In fact, there a few lousy ones. Thinking of a credit union rebrand? This is a must read before you hire a branding agency.

3 Pillars for Successful Marketing in 2022

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How you frame what you do matters. For credit unions to solve people’s problems and provide real solutions, it helps to know what people are ready to hear and believe. To make an impact, however, it helps to know how to spread an idea. As we wind down one year and prepare for the next, […]

A Little Birdie Told You to Outsource Branding

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As things transitioned back toward normalcy during this pandemic, one credit union exec I spoke to expected branch traffic to recover. Well… it hasn’t. Nor do I expect it ever will. This dependency on an old way of doing things has hindered the credit union’s growth. If nothing else, the pandemic has accelerated what was […]

5 Key Habits for Credit Union Marketing Teams


There’s an old proverb that goes, “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Have you ever felt this way when it comes to credit union marketing? From your marketing mix to your marketing message to the dollars you spend, it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole.  What brings focus to these crucial channels […]

Whats With All the ‘Why’ Talk?

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You and 55 million others have seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, “How great leaders inspire action.” It’s an inspiring, captivating and straightforward 18-minute speech that links many successes of those who started with the question, “Why?” It’s a smart framework for how organizations can be built.  “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why […]

You Absolutely Should Do Your Own Branding

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Is your credit union at a crossroads? Do you wonder if your organization needs to enhance its brand or even change its name? This is a must-read for any financial institution that seeks to be more memorable.

How Culture Relates to Marketing

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Can your credit union have an awesome marketing plan and a rocky culture? Can your organization have a profound culture but a boring marketing plan? Let’s talk branding.