The Art of Persuasion in Credit Union Sales Success


Year-End Sales Push: Persuasion Tips
As we stand on the cusp of the busiest time of the year, with year-end credit union goals looming large, it’s crucial to recognize that the art of persuasion can be a game-changer, not only for you, but for your entire team.

Sales, at its core, is not just about products or services; it’s about people. It’s about understanding the member’s interests, needs and aspirations. It’s about making them feel important and valued.

Success hinges on more than just closing loans, opening accounts, and welcoming new members; it’s about forging lasting connections and creating genuine value. Let’s unlock the secrets of persuasion that can reshape your approach to sales at your credit union.

Understanding Your Members’ Needs

Emotional appeal is a remarkable power in sales. Every person carries a unique story within them, filled with emotions, experiences and desires. Take time to engage with them, ask questions and actively listen to their concerns. You have the opportunity to position your products or services as the key to unlocking the door to their aspirations. Remember this: Questions pave the path to solutions, and solutions pave the way to buyers.

The Power of Authenticity

Encourage your frontline staff and loan officers to drop the sales scripts and foster genuine connections. When members trust your team, they’re more likely to consider the financial products and services you recommend. Authenticity equips you and your team to address objections with confidence because you’re not peddling a product; you’re offering a solution you genuinely believe in.

Note Well: You may be thinking, “I’m not sure I want (insert name) to be unapologetically himself/herself.” If that’s the case, it’s essential to consider whether you have the right person on your team. In a sales environment where being relatable and authentic is key, having the right people can make all the difference in achieving your goals and fostering lasting member relationships.

Skillful Follow-Up Techniques

Don’t be a pest. Instead, be skillful. Persistence is often the dividing line between a successful sale and missed opportunities. Train your frontline staff to stay in touch with members, answer inquiries promptly, and provide additional information as needed. So long as your narrative remains genuinely interested in making the members’ lives better, you are not being annoying; you are conveying an unwavering commitment to serve their needs.

Of course, nobody wants a barrage of emails or phone calls, and there are tactics for a well-timed response. The kicker, however, is making sure your team understands the need to do it. Too often  people hesitate because they fear rejection or have too many distractions and forget. Make follow-up habits a priority at your credit union.

Building Strong Relationships

Relationships are the bedrock upon which successful credit unions are formed. People are more likely to buy from someone they like, and your service reputation is what members carry with them and share with others.

There’s an adage of “to get loyalty, you must give loyalty.” How true it is! Teach your staff how to create a connection, find a common ground, and make your members feel valued and understood.

The Impact of Showing Appreciation

There’s a reason why Chick-fil-a employees say, “my pleasure” rather than “no problem.” It’s warm, memorable, and different. Gratitude is a powerful motivator. Remind your team that they become known by the actions they take (and those they don’t). Showing appreciation fosters goodwill.

When your team learns the art of persuasion, what you’ll find is that generosity will be reciprocated by your membership. This is how you create enthusiastic advocates for your credit union. Follow the steps and create a ripple effect of raving fans at your credit union.

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