Strategic Planning

Credit unions choose YMC for strategic planning when they recognize they must be challenged to achieve meaningful change to succeed as heroes. We will relentlessly question everything like an inquisitive toddler to dig down to your root ‘why.’ Our credit union strategic planning sessions get your credit union leadership team thinking from various perspectives, rigorously probing critical facets of your credit union, and taking responsibility for action with accountability.

YMC will analyze growth opportunities and establish an actionable strategic plan. During credit union strategic planning sessions, we work with your leadership team to outline what success looks like, who owns what projects, and identify up front what could be holding you back from achieving your goals.

What your credit union can expect when you engage the YMC team as your credit union strategic planning partner:

Dig down to your root "WHY'

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

You can’t build a hero’s reputation, grow loans or gain market share on what you are going to do – only what you’ve accomplished. After we deliver a strategic plan, YMC will follow up and hold you and your credit union’s team accountable for executing and hitting the goals set forth in your credit union strategic planning.

Unconventional enough to shake up ‘what we’ve always done;’ tested enough to prove our concept of what credit union strategic planning should look like for our heroes. Our ‘why:’ Because we give a damn!

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