Strategic Planning

We analyze the value of opportunities available to you and set an actionable game plan to ensure success.

What makes the YMC process so Different? WE GO Beyond THE SWOT.

What if you could…

Our unique strategic planning process is designed to get you unstuck and moving forward with increased revenues, a unified and more productive team, and operating from a plan to grow your credit union. With almost two decades of experience in running successful, highly profitable businesses that serve the credit union industry, we’ll coach your team on how you can do the same. Discover what’s holding your credit union back and uncover new unseen growth and revenue opportunities, with an initiative-based action plan.

What Your Credit Union Can Expect When Engaging with YMC:

Hitting your revenue and growth targets, while serving members with Excellence .

Credit Union-wide transformation through team buy-in to a set Vision .

High-levels of quality communication increasing productivity at every Level .

Proactively leading and solving problems, not Reacting .

Your entire team moving together in the same company direction, with the same Goals .

Employees and volunteers excited to come to work everyday, and running like a well-oiled Machine .

You can’t build a hero’s reputation, grow loans or gain market share on what you are going to do – only what you’ve accomplished. After we deliver a strategic plan, YMC will follow up and hold you and your credit union’s team accountable for executing and hitting the goals set forth in your credit union strategic planning.

Unconventional enough to shake up ‘what we’ve always done;’ tested enough to prove our concept of what credit union strategic planning should look like.

Our ‘why:’ Because we give a damn!

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