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YMC’s veteran credit union consultants speak with keen insight, fresh perspectives and the occasional sarcasm in a variety of areas, including:
Bo McDonald taking selfie with credit union staff

Strategic Planning





The YMC team of dynamic speakers has presented to hundreds of conferences of all sizes, adapting to your audience’s needs, from the strategic level to the tactical.

YMC also produces a one-day marketing school for credit unions, credit union business partners and credit union associations that are looking to push boundaries and achieve kick-ass growth. Our credit union consultants adapt each presentation to your organization’s audience needs and goals!

Frank Allgood giving a presentation to credit union staff

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Bo McDonald, President/CEO

Bo McDonald (He/HIM)



Finding his creative voice (literally) behind the mic as a radio DJ in Upstate New York, Bo McDonald used his unique view on the financial world to create the go-to firm for community financial institutions looking to venture outside their comfort zones. Through a process of trial and error, Bo founded Your Marketing Co just over a decade ago and has enjoyed continued growth since then. His past ten-plus years at YMC have been defined by industry-disrupting ideas, a whole lot of laughs, and a creative boom in credit union marketing.

A dedicated leader and student of office culture, Bo has created a unique environment at YMC that focuses on interdepartmental connections and advancement. He introduced the Future Leaders of YMC (FLY) program in 2017, a program that trains people within the company in business leadership, project management, and individual growth.

“I can put my head on the pillow at night and know we’re working hard for clients that are making a difference in this world, says McDonald. “Lives are changing and dreams and being realized through the hard work of our clients, and through the work we do with them.”

When he’s not in Greenville, Bo can be found basking in the bayou vibes at his spiritual home in Louisiana, enjoying Irene’s Cuisine, and sipping on a Schug Cabernet. He also someday wants to skydive, through has admitted the only thing about it that scares him is the possibility of getting sick on a stranger mid-air. A YMC Fanatic through and through, you just might catch this bearded beauty around your town rocking YMC branded glasses, a teal blazer, and orange alligator shoes. You can’t miss him, and you won’t want to.

Speaking Areas of Expertise

Frank Allgood, Vice President of Relationship Development

Frank Allgood (He/Him)

Vice President of Brand Experience

Serving as the Vice President of Brand Experience, Francis Allgood, aka Frank, has a multitude of experience with communication through marketing. He has cultivated a piece of advice from his lengthy experience, “Tell a story that will change how a person feels.  This can be about themselves, about you or your products, or even about the competition. Authentic brands are built on a balance of warmth and competence, and there’s an art (and science) to reaching meaningful consumer action.” This personal touch also relates directly to the YMC staff as Frank stresses that the team’s work is valuable and has an impact on those in the communities our credit unions serve. Working with people is the cornerstone for Frank’s interest in public facing marketing, with that being said, he would tell a younger version of himself that people pleasing will ultimately lead to failure.

Outside of work, Frank can be found with his wife Jeneane, and their two children Penelope and Thomas possibly at Saskatoons, drinking a Wandering Bard Oaked Blueberry Mead. Or perhaps at a Seattle Seahawks game where he has hopes to be in the building for a Super Bowl victory.  

Speaking Areas of Expertise

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