New Year, New Sales Approach: Fresh Tactics for Credit Union Growth


3 Credit Union Sales Tactics for 2024
It’s fair to say that the key to credit union sales is empowering the member. When they feel in control, they are more likely to close deals – open memberships, loans, checking accounts, etc. What has changed, however, is redefining our approach as credit unions.

Our pursuit demands new avenues to connect with prospects –  forging bonds that extend beyond the transactional to the relational. Today, we have a more informed buyer who is in control of the information they consume and have high expectations for transparency and value. 

So, the questions become:

  • How do we keep informed buyers engaged?
  • How do we make it easy for prospects to find us?
  • How can we stay up to date with our members’ trends and preferences?

To answer these questions, here are three credit union sales tips for 2024:

1) The Social Selling Power Play

First, let’s address the elephant that’s most likely lurking in your credit union. There’s fear that you or your staff will do something wrong when it comes to social selling. Plus, who has the time?

Let’s just say, “You have to risk it to get the biscuit!”

Now, let’s talk about why becoming an authority in your space is the linchpin to success. Humans are social beings, and social proof plays a significant role in decision-making. It creates trust and validation. And when you showcase an aspirational financial lifestyle, followers will want to emulate you.

Don’t get stuck on your credit union staff becoming the next Khaby Lame, Soomer Ray or MrBeast. Take the glitz and glamour out of being an influencer. Instead, view social selling as a way of helping others first. You are changing lives at your credit union, yes? If you are instilling that within your organization’s culture, it’s worth shouting from the mountaintops on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Of course,  it is imperative for employees to have a clear understanding of permissible content for posting. However, it is equally crucial to empower them to contribute their unique insights. Let them be authentic.

2) Leverage Data for Precision
Imagine a sales approach tailored precisely to your members’ needs – it’s not a dream, it’s data-driven reality. 

Leverage the wealth of transactional data available to you. You can target product recommendations and personalized budgeting assistance by analyzing spending patterns and transactional history. By examining product usage data, you can up-sell or cross-sell, or even offer incentives or rewards based on how often and how much members use a particular service. 

One-size-fits-all went out of style with the dial-up Internet. Leverage data to build your pipeline. In many cases, you can know what your members need before they do!

3) Embrace the Consultative Approach

Look beyond short-term gains.  Be a proactive problem solver and find out what are the member’s unique needs, challenges, and goals. The savvy credit union staffer anticipates potential challenges and offers solutions, checks in with members regularly, gathers feedback, and adjusts her approach as necessary to ensure ongoing satisfaction. 

In the fiercely competitive landscape of business, the art of winning members transcends mere transactions; it hinges on building lasting connections and leaving an indelible mark. As banks, Fintech and other credit unions navigate the crowded marketplace, the allure of your offering must extend beyond the tangible benefits. It lies in the lasting impression you create, the rapport you build, and the distinctiveness that sets you apart. 

Remember the timeless truth that people prefer to do business with friends. In today’s environment where choices abound, being memorable is the true currency of commerce.

As Vice President of Brand Experience for Your Marketing Co., Frank Allgood works with credit unions to develop strong leaders, create effective training programs, and build powerful brands. Want to connect? Call 864.326.8740 or email

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