Credit Union Leaders: Why Even Bother With Your Credit Union Strategic Plan At This Point?

Here we are midway through January, and our resolutions are already busted. Why even bother getting back on track, right?


We can’t be the leaders our credit unions and our members need us to be if we quit so easily. Your progress may not be what you’d pictured, but it is progress. The words of the great writer Samuel Johnson remind us why it’s important to brush ourselves off and start over:

“When I look back on resolutions of improvement and amendment which have year after year been made and broken, either by negligence, forgetfulness, vicious idleness, casual interruption, or morbid infirmity; when I find that so much of my life has been stolen unprofitably away and that I can descry by retrospection scarcely a few single days properly and vigorously employed, why do I yet try to resolve again? I try because reformation is necessary, and despair is criminal.”

You made a goal to set aside more time to work on your credit union’s strategic plan, accomplish that one daunting task, or maybe even set some basic personal goals. And already, this soon into the year, life got in the way. We get busy. We get tired. We get sick. We have a bad day. We slip and then completely abandon our goals and resolutions.

We all have a bad day and get discouraged. But giving up? That is what Johnson calls “criminal” and Marcus Aurelius calls “disgraceful… for the soul to give up while the body is still going strong.”

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Don’t Give Up!

From strat plans to rebrands, YMC President and CEO, Bo, is passionate about helping financial institutions come up with a winning formula. If you’re ready to go beyond the SWOT, you can email him at

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