Market harder or smarter? Or something else?

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Market harder?

In viewing the TikTok, I stumbled upon this video message (Hey, if we can call a movie “The Batman,” I can call it the TikTok!):

“A serious mistake a whole generation of people have done, that if you study, how should you study? ‘Hard. Study harder,’” said Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian guru. “If you work, how should you work? ‘You must work hard.’

“Why didn’t they tell you, ‘You must study joyfully?’ Why didn’t they tell you, ‘You must work lovingly,’” he continued. “No. you must do everything hard and then you complain. And then you complain about everything in life because you do everything hard.”

Perhaps it’s time to hit the reset button on how you advertise your credit union. Call it “marketing harder” or to put it another way, “tossing spaghetti at the wall,” isn’t it time to stop?

  • Stop with the print newsletters.
  • Stop the great rates and service pitches.
  • Stop targeting every social media platform.
  • Stop sending boring mailers.
  • Stop bastardizing the word “innovation.”
  • Stop being a liar to what’s holding your credit union back.

Now, let’s bring this conversation back to a sense of serenity. 

We don’t have to market harder in today’s world. And while I know we’re all immediately thinking “less is more” and we need to “worker smarter, not harder,” dare I say to not go down those roads, either. Instead, what if we viewed marketing and branding through a lens of enlightenment by:

  • Helping members be the best version of themselves.
  • Re-energize communities and Select Employer Groups.
  • Inspire our staff to rediscover the genius of our credit union.

Let me be clear: The marketing we do for our credit unions is driven by numbers. Without goals, there is no strategy. However, if we don’t look at marketing wholeheartedly, one can easily miss the possibilities.  

And work hard.

And be miserable.

Here’s to new beginnings.

Market smarter at your credit union.

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