Does your Credit Union Marketing End with Dazzling Success?         

Author Ray Bard once said this about the success of organizations: “Every dazzling success is made from four components, and everyone, everywhere has the first two.”

Bard says the first is a big idea. “Everyone has one,” Bard said. Being a successful business owner, real estate investor and angel investor I’m always privy to big ideas. Bard was right, there is no shortage of them. And even in credit unions, I see and hear big ideas all the time.

The second component of a dazzling success story is the step-by-step, the how-to, along with some examples that demonstrate the big idea. Most with a big idea have at least thought about the steps to make it realistic. “This is how I would…” Whether it’s a credit union marketing strategy or a tactic of credit union strategic planning, the big idea and the how-to come naturally to creative and open-minded leaders.

But what about the final two components? These two are what separate dreamers from successful doers.

The third component of a dazzling success story is entertainment. “Entertainment is the currency that will buy you the time and attention of a too-busy public. Information is the medicine they need, but entertainment – wit – charm – enchantment – is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.”

This component also is where things go awry for some credit union leaders. Entertainment requires knowing your niche audience, your ideal credit union member, and creating something that speaks directly to them. “Yes, but we can’t leave anyone out!” The failure in this thinking is that in trying to please everyone, you please no one. Your brand and message are too broad and don’t cut through the clutter of everyone else with the same type of message.

And the fourth? Hope. “People don’t just need advice; they need genuine encouragement. When you give them a glimpse of a future that is better than the past, when you help them see a tomorrow that is better than today, and they see it is within their grasp, you have done the only thing that any business ever needs to do.”

This has proved true in a recent CUinsight article I wrote on crafting a story that goes beyond product and service, feature and benefit. I received so much feedback, I decided to write a second part, coming soon.

Bard concluded his thoughts with this gut punch of a statement: “The objective of every business is to make someone happy.” We do have goals to hit, bottom lines to watch, and operational necessities to pay attention to. But in the end, if your product or service can provide some joy in life, that’s a job well done. Let’s talk about finding your joy!

Let’s Find Your Joy Today!

From strat plans to rebrands, YMC President and CEO, Bo, is passionate about helping financial institutions come up with a winning formula. If you’re ready to go beyond the SWOT, you can email him at

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