What is Credit Union Marketing’s REAL Job?

What are your expectations for your credit union marketing team? If your credit union is like most organizations, marketing is taking on a more strategic role, moving from traditional roles such as brand and advertising to new areas, including market-entry strategies and market selection, according to a recent study from The CMO Report. The study […]

Recognition – CSuite

“The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress.” — Dan Waldschmidt, business strategist Often during our marketing calls, a credit union leader will stress the importance of boosting team engagement. Be it for better performance, numbers, or more cohesion on the team they always seem the ask the same question – “What […]

Why Aren’t You Attracting New Members with Your Credit Union Marketing?

We need new members! It’s a cry I hear often from credit union leaders, but when I ask why they aren’t attracting new members with their credit union marketing, there is never a good answer. If you follow this blog and my podcast you know one of my big rules is to “ask a freaking […]

The State of Social Media in 2023 and What It Means for Credit unions   

One of the top questions my team and I are asked regularly is, “Should we be on social media?” The obvious answer is, yes. The bigger question is which platforms should your credit union be on. After we ask some freaking questions to gain perspective on your credit union’s ideal and legacy members, we can […]

Avoiding the credit union brand museum

in a museum

I was recently having a conversation with a credit union CEO about the obstacle that is keeping credit unions from growing and attracting younger members to their credit union brand. “Often credit union board members (and legacy CEOs) dig in and refuse to let go.” They allow what was to inhibit what could be. They […]

A Credit Union Marketing Gauntlet Thrown

punching glove in air

“Call me Ishmael.” It’s perhaps one of the most famous opening lines in literature. (Bonus points if you can name the book!) It immediately invokes intrigue. “Is your name not Ishmael?”“Why are you unwilling to tell us your real name?”“And why did you choose the name ‘Ishmael.’”“Are you hiding from someone?”“And if so, why?” It’s […]

Can Credit Unions Really Save Money By Doing This?

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Picture this. You’re on a road trip in a beautiful convertible on a warm sunny summer afternoon. Your favorite jams are on the radio. You’re halfway to your destination with another few hours to go. That’s when it hits you. You start doing the math in your head and you realize you need to slow […]

Make Storyselling Part of Your Credit Union Marketing Plans

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A prospective member enters to apply for a loan or even open a share certificate. To do so, you must help open a membership for them. When asked if they would like to open a checking account or move their direct deposit to the credit union, the new member responds with a very quick, “NO.” […]

Top 3 Credit Union Marketing Priorities

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Re-define marketing. I’ve written and spoken about redefining credit union marketing on this blog and with my team a lot over the last six months. As a company turning 15 years old this year and still enjoying high levels of success, it would be easy to keep on keeping on and riding this wave of […]