Make Storyselling Part of Your Credit Union Marketing Plans

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A prospective member enters to apply for a loan or even open a share certificate. To do so, you must help open a membership for them. When asked if they would like to open a checking account or move their direct deposit to the credit union, the new member responds with a very quick, “NO.” […]

Top 3 Credit Union Marketing Priorities

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Re-define marketing. I’ve written and spoken about redefining credit union marketing on this blog and with my team a lot over the last six months. As a company turning 15 years old this year and still enjoying high levels of success, it would be easy to keep on keeping on and riding this wave of […]

How Fast Will We See Results From Our Credit Union Marketing Plan? Part II

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Last week’s blog featured one of the most common questions we’re asked when a credit union engages us in a strategic marketing relationship: How long until this stuff starts working? I realize, you probably need more perspective surrounding those questions regarding the speed of effectiveness of your credit union marketing plan. Many factors can impact […]

How Fast Will My Credit Union Marketing Start To Work?

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I’m often asked by credit unions that are looking to work with our team this very question: “How long before I see my credit union marketing start to work?” It’s either an innocent question that is on their generic “must ask the marketing people” list, or it’s a red flag. Good marketing isn’t an easy […]

Your Credit Union Marketing Can’t Be Everything To Everybody

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“You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be everything to somebody.” – Trent Shelton A while back, flipping through Facebook Reels (those short videos that are seemingly provided at random) I stopped to listen to what appeared to be a band’s street busking performance. They were performing Cab Calloway’s 1931 recording, “Minnie the […]

Finding Success For Your Credit Union Marketing Strategy Without Sales Calls

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Messaging via Slack on how to gain and maintain engagement from both our teams and members, one account manager typed, “The credit unions that do well and hit their goals are having regular staff meetings and discussing their monthly and annual goals. The ones who do very well understand that their products can make a difference in […]

Why Credit Union Marketing Must Be Redefined

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Life was very different 15 years ago. Second Gen iPhone came out and the big deal was  3G and it finally had GPS! Blu-ray players went “mainstream” Google introduced the android Blackberry debuted the Storm and Wii Fit was introduced George W. Bush was still president, Obama was elected later in the year Giants beat […]

3 Lessons For Credit Union Marketing From A World-Class Fisherman

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“The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad!” – A.K. Best On a recent beach trip, I saw charter fishing boats move almost in unison from one spot to another. It was obvious why they were doing this. With their high-tech gadgets and vantage points, they were following a school of fish […]

A Moment Of Vulnerability: The Difference Between A Business Partner And A Vendor

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“You’re fired.” It stings. Your Marketing Co. was recently fired from a credit union marketing client. It’s hard not to take it personally. But every failure is a learning opportunity (which if you learn something is not a failure). We recently decided to perform an exit interview with clients if they decide to leave us, […]

Embrace Your Oldness: It’s What Gen Z Craves

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Your Marketing Co. recently partnered with Helixa to help better understand our credit union marketing clients’ ideal members. Rather than hopeful guessing, we’re using the Helixa platform to help connect our clients in a more deep and meaningful way with their ideal members. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that has already proven valuable in helping our credit […]