Embrace Your Oldness: It’s What Gen Z Craves

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Your Marketing Co. recently partnered with Helixa to help better understand our credit union marketing clients’ ideal members. Rather than hopeful guessing, we’re using the Helixa platform to help connect our clients in a more deep and meaningful way with their ideal members. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that has already proven valuable in helping our credit […]

Creative Destruction of the Credit Union Movement: Good or Bad?

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As I facilitated a credit union strategic planning session for a high-performing credit union recently, the board chair asked a question that I had to think about carefully before I answered: “Why should someone join our credit union as opposed to another, or even a big bank?” There had to be an answer for a […]

Understanding Stress and How it is Holding Your Credit Union Back

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How can we remove stress from our life so we can enjoy it more? I’ve often pondered that question for myself and my team, but after listening to the story of Alia Crum on a recent Hidden Brain episode, I realized I’ve been asking the wrong question. I’ve been trying to play it safe and […]

3 Things Killing Credit Unions En Masse Right Now

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When a company or organization dies, one commonality among the majority is comfort. As I type this, I’m mighty comfy sitting in my plant room in my vintage Woodard rocking chair overlooking my garden. That’s not the kind of comfort I’m talking about though. It’s the comfort that comes from never changing a thing within […]

Has the Credit Union Mantra Become Merely Credit Union Marketing?

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People helping people. Those are big words, meaningful words. They carry weight. Do your credit union’s brand actions align with that mantra? Do they align with whatever other promises your make in your mission, vision, and brand? More than a century ago in 1910, Theodore Roosevelt reminded his fellow citizens of the critical distinction between […]

Calling Out Cowards in Credit Union Land

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You’re a coward! Yes, you! “It takes one to know one.” Indeed, it does, which is why I feel confident in calling you out. Because much like you, I hate tough conversations and big decisions. I loathe big, time-consuming projects and taking the long road to avoid the inevitable high costs of corner cutting – […]

Get Real With Your Credit Union Marketing

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With an ever-changing industry, national banks and fintechs leading digital transformation, large credit unions merging in a seemingly endless supply of boutique credit unions, and financial uncertainty abound at every turn, you may wonder, what is the best way to weather the storm and even grow through this inflation and unrest? The truth is this […]

3 Things Credit Unions Must Know About Social Media

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What would you do if Facebook disappeared tomorrow? It’s a question I posed to my social media team last year and a question that is more relevant today than ever. As the founder and leader of a credit union marketing firm closing in on 15 years of success, I’m constantly aware of the need to […]