Boost Your Leadership Skills This Fall: 5 Strategies for Success


In Autumn’s cloak of colors, like a pirate in disguise,

It sneaks upon us, robbing focus from our eyes.

We chart our course for New Year’s goals, so clear,

But fall’s distractions hijack, causing us to veer.

The fall season is typically reserved by credit unions to set clear objectives and strategies for the New Year. Only, let’s talk about something that always seems to bubble up: leadership fatigue. During these holiday months your focus must contend with heighten member demand, employee leave and time off, financial reporting, annual performance evaluations and employee reviews, party planning, gift buying and, oh yeah… family needs.

Before the holiday hustle, let’s take a timeout right now to sharpen our leadership skills. Here are five strategies to help credit union leaders like yourself elevate your leadership game.


A strong mindset allows you to steer your team through the end-of-year distractions with confidence. Analyze the story in your head. Are you being closed-off and self-centered? Perhaps you have self-doubt or a pessimistic inner dialogue about yourself or your team. Or maybe you have unrealistic expectations and are setting yourself up for disappointment.

One way to develop a stronger mindset is to examine the routine within your routine. Look beyond the surface of everyday challenges and examining the deeper, often hidden, elements that could be eroding your outlook.


Inspect how your strategies are implemented by the frontline team at your credit union. Are your team members’ behaviors aligned with your vision? It’s this time of year where you’ll find those who become less engaged with the credit union and those who are truly team players. Regular check-ins and feedback loops can ensure everyone is on the same page.


Are you having a bad day or a bad attitude? Identify what’s impacting your attitude and address it. And understand this: How you experience outside factors is 100% within you. Be a driving force that inspires and motivates your credit union.


Time is your most precious resource as a leader. Recognize that you can’t do it all. Set limits on tasks that don’t contribute significantly to your goals and block out time so you can think strategically. Be wary of distractions, delegate effectively and concentrate on what truly matters.

Take it to the next level and encourage your entire credit union to do the same. By eliminating non-essential distractions and focusing on high-impact activities, you can maximize your productivity. What tasks are your team doing that could be eliminated or automated?


It’s amazing that at a time when we should come together, we often feel the most apart. Everyone seems on edge as their time is limited. Do you ever find there’s forced cheerfulness? Reflect on how you can create a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for all involved. When you establish purposeful relationships, you’ll drive and sustain more desirable outcomes.

As credit union leaders, these practices will not only enhance your leadership skills but also drive success for your organization.

With holidays and festivities, our path does sway,

Like treasure-seeking pirates, we lose our way.

Yet as the leave fall, remember, we can reclaim,

Our goals and dreams, to steer our ship again.

Embrace the season of change and growth.

As Vice President of Brand Experience for Your Marketing Co., Frank Allgood works with credit unions to develop strong leaders, create effective training programs, and build powerful brands. Want to connect? Call 864.326.8740 or email

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