If Cross-Selling is a Dirty Word, Re-think it

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If your team breaks out in chills, moans and groans when the phrase “cross-selling” is mentioned, it’s time to re-think some things at your credit union. First, do you have the right team? One thing I am always cognizant of is taking inventory of who is a natural, who needs coaching and who just cannot […]

Does your Credit Union Marketing End with Dazzling Success?         

Author Ray Bard once said this about the success of organizations: “Every dazzling success is made from four components, and everyone, everywhere has the first two.” Bard says the first is a big idea. “Everyone has one,” Bard said. Being a successful business owner, real estate investor and angel investor I’m always privy to big […]

Credit Union Marketing Strategies to Master the Art of Member Growth

Multibillion-dollar credit unions have the luxury of playing the numbers game and not having to hyperfocus on an ideal member. Those credit unions have the scale and the resources to truly serve as a community financial institution. What about smaller credit unions with less than $500 million? The farther you get from that $500-million mark, […]

What is Credit Union Marketing’s REAL Job?

What are your expectations for your credit union marketing team? If your credit union is like most organizations, marketing is taking on a more strategic role, moving from traditional roles such as brand and advertising to new areas, including market-entry strategies and market selection, according to a recent study from The CMO Report. The study […]

What Makes A Great Credit Union Brand?

A class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer or a characteristic or distinctive kind. That’s the tired definition of brand from Merriam-Webster. That’s fine, and any credit union leader reading this will be glad to know your credit union brand is most likely fulfilling at least that definition […]

The Snake Oil that May be Gumming up your Credit Union Strategic Planning

You’re faced with a new challenge at your credit union. You see the obstacle, but you can’t identify the right solution. You start doing some digging. You find some podcasts, blogs and white papers on the topic, and the answers seem to conflict with each other from the various experts. They all seem confident, so […]

The State of Social Media in 2023 and What It Means for Credit unions   

One of the top questions my team and I are asked regularly is, “Should we be on social media?” The obvious answer is, yes. The bigger question is which platforms should your credit union be on. After we ask some freaking questions to gain perspective on your credit union’s ideal and legacy members, we can […]

Getting Your Credit Union UNSTUCK

After helping hundreds of credit unions get unstuck over the last 15 years, I’ve started to notice and document trends. How did this credit union get stuck? What was the pivotal point that got them into this situation? What credit unions were able to get unstuck, and which ones didn’t and what were the differences? […]

How an Opinion Can Ruin Your Credit Union Strategic Planning Session

stickman talking

Opinions are like…, well, you know. Everyone has one. And that’s not a bad thing. However, if you treat your opinion as a fact, it can completely ruin a productive credit union strategic planning session, and perhaps even the successful trajectory of your credit union. I’m always quick to push back in a planning session […]

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