Why Your Credit Union Strategy Is Failing

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You had the best of intentions. You worked hard all day and had great conversations. You identified the strategies and tactics for the next year. But here you are, once again with a credit union strategy that didn’t accomplish much over the last year. The laundry list of excuses is long, some are real, and […]

How To Use Fear As A Credit Union Leader

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I often share just how badly fear can hold you and your credit union back from its fullest potential. Fear can lead you to pivot from your credit union’s strategic plan, make poor decisions, or worse: no decision at all. What if you could channel your fear to your advantage? A friend of mine recommended […]

Crooked Little Credit Unions Save Themselves from the Sawmill

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Two trees in the forestOne was crooked, one was straightCrimson bark and emerald needlesGrowing day by dayAnd though they looked so differentThey enjoyed the rain the sameSide by side I recently heard these lyrics on a beautiful fall day on the Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, Tennessee. It was the Pilgrimage Music Festival, and Molly Tuttle […]

Why Credit Union Marketing Must Be Redefined

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Life was very different 15 years ago. Second Gen iPhone came out and the big deal was  3G and it finally had GPS! Blu-ray players went “mainstream” Google introduced the android Blackberry debuted the Storm and Wii Fit was introduced George W. Bush was still president, Obama was elected later in the year Giants beat […]

A Moment Of Vulnerability: The Difference Between A Business Partner And A Vendor

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“You’re fired.” It stings. Your Marketing Co. was recently fired from a credit union marketing client. It’s hard not to take it personally. But every failure is a learning opportunity (which if you learn something is not a failure). We recently decided to perform an exit interview with clients if they decide to leave us, […]

How To Avoid Becoming One Of Credit Unions’ Rotten Tomatoes

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“Let’s also say that change is neither good nor bad. It simply is. It can be greeted with terror or joy: a tantrum that says, ‘I want it the way it was!’ or a dance that says, ‘Look! Something new.’” Those were the words straight from Don Draper in an old Mad Men episode. As […]

Embrace Your Oldness: It’s What Gen Z Craves

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Your Marketing Co. recently partnered with Helixa to help better understand our credit union marketing clients’ ideal members. Rather than hopeful guessing, we’re using the Helixa platform to help connect our clients in a more deep and meaningful way with their ideal members. It’s an amazingly powerful tool that has already proven valuable in helping our credit […]

Creative Destruction of the Credit Union Movement: Good or Bad?

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As I facilitated a credit union strategic planning session for a high-performing credit union recently, the board chair asked a question that I had to think about carefully before I answered: “Why should someone join our credit union as opposed to another, or even a big bank?” There had to be an answer for a […]