The Magic Formula to Credit Union Marketing

man thinking

I love interacting with people who make me think. Recently, a fellow credit union marketing person, who remembered my background as a radio broadcaster, and I were conversing, and he said something like this to me: “Now that targeting is all but dead on Facebook and Instagram, I believe that the rules of reach and […]

Why Great Things Aren’t Happening at Your Credit Union

staring into field

Try, try, try again. You’re working your credit union’s strategic plan; you’re spending money marketing, but nothing seems to generate the growth you’re looking for at your credit union. Why? Things don’t happen when you stand still, or even worse, when you try half-heartedly. I write from experience. Let me share my story and see […]

Where Will New Members Learn About Your Credit Union?

So, where do you think you should be fishing when it comes to finding new members? Social media. It’s not my opinion. It’s a fact based on a study from GWI that found that 31% of social media users in the US in Q1 2020 said they typically find out about new brands/products via ads […]

Big Banks and Fintechs are Fighting it Out. What About Credit Unions?

Big Banks & FIntechs Fighting

A recent Forbes article titled, “The checking account war is over: The fintechs have won” certainly caught my attention. Of course, once I clicked and saw the author was Ron Shevlin I shouldn’t have been surprised. Shevlin quickly pointed out the success of Chime, PayPal and Square in mega growth and the decline of the […]

3 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Credit Union Strategic Plan

Tips on Planning

As we enter the time when we start looking ahead to the next year, your credit union strategic plan might be complete, or you plan to work on it very soon. Regardless, you want it to be more than a dusty document on the shelf or a forgotten file in your digital folder. Having gaining […]

5 Reasons Your Credit Union Marketing Must Target an Ideal Member Persona

single ideal member in a crowd

If the internet quote is true, Confucius once said, “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” The same is true for the credit union that chases too many ideal members. You will catch none of them. I didn’t have to go looking for national data to back up my theory. I only had to […]

You Are the Reason Your Team Can’t Make Decisions

“Why can’t my team handle anything without me?” This is a question I hear a lot in my work with credit union leaders and through credit union strategic planning events. It’s a question and frustration many leaders deal with but there’s a question behind that question. “What is holding my team back from being able […]

Credit Union Marketing is So Easy

holding hands

Or is it? Credit union marketing in general is one of the first things leaders turn to because it’s easy to talk about. We can’t always argue accounting formulas or operational tasks if we’re not experts in it, but even if you’re not a marketing expert you can speak to what you like. “Let’s change […]

If Cross-Selling is a Dirty Word, Re-think it

cart with boxes

If your team breaks out in chills, moans and groans when the phrase “cross-selling” is mentioned, it’s time to re-think some things at your credit union. First, do you have the right team? One thing I am always cognizant of is taking inventory of who is a natural, who needs coaching and who just cannot […]

Does your Credit Union Marketing End with Dazzling Success?         

Author Ray Bard once said this about the success of organizations: “Every dazzling success is made from four components, and everyone, everywhere has the first two.” Bard says the first is a big idea. “Everyone has one,” Bard said. Being a successful business owner, real estate investor and angel investor I’m always privy to big […]