How an Opinion Can Ruin Your Credit Union Strategic Planning Session

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Opinions are like…, well, you know. Everyone has one. And that’s not a bad thing. However, if you treat your opinion as a fact, it can completely ruin a productive credit union strategic planning session, and perhaps even the successful trajectory of your credit union. I’m always quick to push back in a planning session […]

Avoiding the credit union brand museum

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I was recently having a conversation with a credit union CEO about the obstacle that is keeping credit unions from growing and attracting younger members to their credit union brand. “Often credit union board members (and legacy CEOs) dig in and refuse to let go.” They allow what was to inhibit what could be. They […]

Taking Ownership as Leaders to Avoid Credit Union Merger

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Several weeks ago, the country sat down collectively to watch the Super Bowl. During the game, I reflected back on Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. It was during that Super Bowl, with only 26 seconds left in the game, The Seahawks had the ball at the New […]

A Credit Union Marketing Gauntlet Thrown

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“Call me Ishmael.” It’s perhaps one of the most famous opening lines in literature. (Bonus points if you can name the book!) It immediately invokes intrigue. “Is your name not Ishmael?”“Why are you unwilling to tell us your real name?”“And why did you choose the name ‘Ishmael.’”“Are you hiding from someone?”“And if so, why?” It’s […]

Can Credit Unions Really Save Money By Doing This?

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Picture this. You’re on a road trip in a beautiful convertible on a warm sunny summer afternoon. Your favorite jams are on the radio. You’re halfway to your destination with another few hours to go. That’s when it hits you. You start doing the math in your head and you realize you need to slow […]

Q1 Credit Union Strategic Plan Reminders: 3 Things To Stay On Track

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It’s a new quarter, and it’s a new year, but maybe you’re off to a rough start with accomplishing those tasks in your credit union strategic plan for 2023. Fires have popped up, and the urgent is taking priority over the important. Here are three things you should do right now to make sure you […]

Top 3 Credit Union Marketing Priorities

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Re-define marketing. I’ve written and spoken about redefining credit union marketing on this blog and with my team a lot over the last six months. As a company turning 15 years old this year and still enjoying high levels of success, it would be easy to keep on keeping on and riding this wave of […]

What Do You Need To Say “HELL NO” To In The New Year?

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There are times in your career you have to say “YES” to an awful lot to get where you need or want to be. If you’re fairly new in your career or coming into a new organization, you’re going to say “YES” a whole lot more than you’re going to say no while you build […]

Stop For Joy

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A personal note from Bo as we wrap up 2022: Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. What brings you great pleasure and happiness? That answer is different for each of us, and it likely will evolve over time. Where do we find our joy? How do we keep it? In the study […]