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Being Relevant Among The Noise

Speaker: Audra Wilder

0-90 minutes

Let’s face it. Data is OVERWHELMING! What pieces do you REALLY need to reach your member, your goal, or drive behavior? In this session, we’ll talk about using data and targeting already in your credit union’s environment (core, online and more) to reach your members with specific, relevant messaging that makes them feel SPECIAL.

Key Takeaways

  • Clean your stream. Learn how to weed out the data that isn’t relevant to your goal and boost your ROI.
  • Cut to the chase. What’s your goal? What’s the cleanest, simplest way to get there.
  • Be efficient. Find out how taking advantage of data can provide big returns for small budgets (and large ones too!).
  • Best practices for turning your data into a powerful email marketing tool.

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