Strategic Outsourced Marketing

Want to meet and even exceed your credit union’s expectations of marketing? Want to look sharp while doing it?

Meet team YMC .

After partnering with hundreds of credit unions, YMC has crafted a unique, time-tested credit union marketing program that brings clarity to your vision for your credit union and breaks down barriers to growth. Working with YMC helps your credit union accomplish your strategic goals and positions your credit union as a hero to your members and potential members.

What your credit union can expect when you engage the YMC team as your credit union marketing partner:

You can expect tough questions and new ideas outside your comfort zone, but not for the sake of change.

Why? Let’s face it. You don’t need our help to sustain mediocrity. You’re here because something is lacking in what you’re doing right now. You’re not getting the results you really want and you need to fix that.

How do we create credit union marketing strategies with bold new ideas? We say and do what others won’t, because tough conversations aren’t fun.

We’re going to tell you how it is, even when it hurts.
We’re going to test your limits.
We’re going to challenge you to think differently.

That's how you achieve what seems impossible.
That's how you get the results you want but haven't been able to achieve.

Guiding. Supporting. Encouraging.

We're going to hold you accountable to the success we know you're capable of, even when others say, "It can't be done."

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If you’re still with us, here’s a few things you should know:
  • We only engage with a limited number of credit unions due to the depth and commitment of our relationships. We also provide market exclusivity to each of our clients.
  • We don’t just make things pretty. Our value isn’t the amount of collateral we can produce in a given time period. Our value to your credit union is the many years of perspective and strategy we bring to the table, enabling us to deliver the results you want.
  • We don’t work with jerks. If you aren’t passionate about your mission, don’t value your team, and don’t show grace when something happens, YMC won’t be a good fit for you. We are a for-profit business, but we still believe in treating our employees fairly and not selling our clients on empty promises. We expect the same from you.
  • We do not charge by the hour. We charge a minimum monthly retainer of $5,500 for our services aligned with the value of the knowledge we provide.
  • We kindly request that initial meetings are attended by the credit union CEO to keep communication clear and concise.

In short, YMC engages with our credit union marketing clients to successfully strategize and execute results-oriented marketing, realizing unprecedented growth leveraging our unique, time-tested action plan. You’re our heroes, and we want your credit union to be a hero to your members.

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When you outsource your credit union marketing to us know that we are not order takers. YMC:

The YMC team’s strongest desire is to earn our clients’ trust through collaboration, hard work and results.

See How Our Clients Feel

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Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union

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Great Meadow Federal Credit Union

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Palmetto First Federal Credit Union

If your credit union is ready to get to know your members even better, think and act creatively, and reach your strategic goals, you are ready for the YMC hero experience!
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