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What your credit union can expect from YMC’s Mission & Vision engagement

At the heart of employee engagement is a clear mission and vision that informs strategy, how it’s communicated and executed. Historically, credit union mission and vision statements are bland — left to gather dust over the year following the strategic planning meeting. To survive and thrive, credit unions must become more intentional about refining and defining their culture with a specific mission and vision to attract and retain passionate employees, engage fresh talent for boards of directors and draw in new members. Invest time in crafting a meaningful mission and vision statement that speaks to them.

3 Critical Reasons Your Credit Union Needs a Mission and Vision Statement

Only 15% of Employees say They are Engaged at Work

Companies with engaged employees report 26% higher productivity and 19% higher operating income

Sources: HR University, Watson Wyatt Work USA Report

A one-day session with YMC will help your credit union:

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The cost of replacing an employee is at least 33% of their salary, and this has only been exacerbated exponentially by the great resignation. If you’re struggling to attract quality employees, recruit new board members, and face stagnant member growth, your mission and vision could be falling flat or is not being communicated to your team, board, and community that is meaningful to them. YMC can help.

If your credit union is ready to reduce turnover and engage your team and volunteers leave your information below and schedule a time to learn more.
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