Different personalities require different communication types. We use DISC profiles to help our team communicate better with each other, and we do the same for our clients. We want to understand your personality and communication style so that normal client/agency issues don’t arise in our relationship.

speech-bubbleON-SITE VISITS.

We love to visit you! In fact, it’s an important part of delivering ideas and creative that are a custom fit for your members and community. Without seeing your community and building relationships by breaking bread during our visits we could have never achieved the level of success that we have. After our initial visit, travel expenses for one visit per year are on us. That’s how important it is to the success of our relationship.

speech-bubbleFAST TURNAROUNDS.

Ask any of our clients. We deliver on time, sometimes even earlier. Because we don’t outsource our creative, we have a dedicated creative team that understands your critical mission of people helping people, and every minute counts.


We love sharing our favorite things. If we’re attending the same conference, we’re often inviting you to a concert or sporting event, or maybe just dinner to network with your peers and enjoy some good wine. Our long term relationships prosper because of the time we spend getting to know you outside of the office and on a personal level, as you feel comfortable.

speech-bubbleFAMILY MEETINGS.

As part of the YMC Family, you’ll be invited to join us for our annual YMC Family Meeting held each year at our office in Greenville, South Carolina. We provide a great speaker on a timely subject, as well as powerful strategic sessions and networking with your peers. (We host a pretty fantastic dinner too!)