Maybe Video Really Did Kill the Radio Star

It’s been 40 years — wait. That can’t be right??


Yep. It’s been 40 years since “video killed the radio star” with the introduction of music videos on MTV, but the song’s lyrics may have never been truer than they are today.

In a recent Think With Google blog, some amazing stats were listed as stunning proof of consumers’ use of YouTube as a sort of try-it-before-you-buy-it platform for music. People of all ages are turning to the video sharing service as a way to preview music before committing to a purchase. Consider this stat:

And before you brush it off as a fad or tool for the young, it’s important to note that those of us who are old enough to actually remember when MTV played videos are doing some YouTube ‘surfing’ as well.

It may not all be new music and it may not all lead directly to a purchase but YouTube has become the thing that MTV never could. A place where you can see the exact video you want to see at the exact moment you want to see it. Many users are seeking out new music. Many more are also looking for older, familiar songs from their past.

But you don’t make or sell music, so why should you care about these trends?

Because music content is also a place where advertisers (like you!) can choose to reach their target audience with impactful, affordable messages. By offering video ads adjacent to popular music content, you can target your audience in a friendly environment. You can even start to associate your brand with an artist or influencer that gives your members and potential members positive feelings. Remember to keep your message clear and succinct. By the nature of the content, users may be looking to skip through ads. Make sure you catch their attention quickly and get your most important details out in the first five seconds. With YouTube’s TrueView advertising option, you only pay when a user watches your entire video (or 30 seconds if it is longer) or interacts with your video. If they skip it, you don’t pay. That makes these music-adjacent ads a cost-effective way to gain impressions for your brand without paying for each set of eyes.

Want to learn more? Click to learn more about YouTube’s In-Stream and Discovery Ad options.

Read the full Think With Google blog here.

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