Vice President of Marketing

Is this Your Ideal Place to Thrive?

Your Marketing Co. is seeking its first-ever Vice President of Marketing—someone who will help us connect better with the people we were founded to serve. Our Vice President of Marketing will identify clients who are the right fit for us and nurture them through the process of finding the best solutions to share their unique stories. If you are gifted in leading and listening with empathy to help clients and team members thrive; you value individualized relationships as a key for getting results; and you love turning great ideas into strategies that set organizations apart, you might love it here.

YMC is made up of a collaborative group of free-thinkers that provides unrivaled strategy for evolving credit unions. If you only want to work with clients who are committed to making a difference, you are never content with the status quo, and you believe that credit unions will thrive because of their commitment to evolving for their members (and not just getting bigger), you might belong in our family.


Are You Our Next Team Member?

Your experience leading small teams with empathy and growth, writing and executing strategic marketing plans, staying on top of digital and social media trends, and using a CRM to keep everything organized and moving forward will make you technically qualified for the role. A love for credit unions and connections across this industry will help you hit the ground running.

Sure, you can work all the tools—and you love the way leading technology helps make it easier to do what you do—but where you really shine is in the high personal touch you use with every existing and potential client, understanding their individualized needs and building trust because you’re someone who gives a damn. About your clients. About your team members. About achieving stellar results. We don’t do apathy at YMC. We expect passion, enthusiasm, and commitment because we know that will drive you to strengthen this team and turn our clients into passionate advocates who can’t stop telling others about us.


Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

A link to your updated LinkedIn profile will be enough to let us know about your years of experience, education, and technical qualifications. What else will help you show us your best self: How you’ve built your leadership chops through empowering small teams; that you’ve executed strategic marketing plans that have exceeded all expectations; and that you have leveraged technology (CRMs, digital and social media) to systematically and relentlessly achieve ambitious goals? Will that shine through in a highly personalized introductory letter? Maybe a video? How about a visual presentation? Unique stories are not best told by following some pre-determined process, so don’t just send us your resume. But do look here to apply online or send your application to

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