The Multicultural Movement of YouTube

As the push to (rightly) include a wider variety of people and perspectives continues to make its ways through film, television, and print, what we’re already seeing on our computers and smartphones is making even clearer how important representation is to people who have previously been left out of many conversations.

YouTube, with its billions of user-generated videos, is perhaps the closest thing to a digital democracy we currently have going. Sure, major brands can pay to advertise and feature their content on the site. But as anyone who has ever researched how to change a flat, learned how to do the perfect contour from a makeup tutorial, or watched someone unbox and review the latest tech gadget can tell you, sometimes it is unflashy, organic content from “real people” that generates the highest level of connection and engagement with the audience. This is especially true of groups that have been largely underrepresented in mainstream media. Consider this:

92% of hispanics who recently purchased personal care products say YouTube is one of the best places to find videos from others like them about brands/products they're considering

Imagine that. People feel a connection and want to learn more from people who look and sound like them, their family and their community. It seems like a pretty basic concept, but it is something that has been ignored for decades by major networks, movie studios, and publishers. Perhaps that’s why YouTube has created its own brand of celebrity — people of all backgrounds who have found a way to make a personal connection through the video platform.

Black millennials are more likely to feel a sense of personal connection to YouTube creators than traditional celebrities.

As a marketer, video is a compelling way to reach your audience with a message they can see, hear and feel. When we look deeper, beyond the marketing aspect, video provides us with an opportunity to connect with people through an authentic content that highlights our shared interests, concerns, and communities.

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