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Strategy on Speed

How often do you talk strategy with your credit union’s board and leadership team? Are you more bogged down in putting out fires and accomplishing urgent tasks rather than taking a long-term view for strategic evolution of your credit union?

Strategy on Speed taps into one topic that you can bring to your next board meeting or leadership team meeting for strategic discussion.

Here are some ideas to achieve maximum impact in a short amount of time:

Share this video with your credit union’s board and/or leadership team one week prior to your meeting. This gives participants time to think and come to the meeting with well thought out ideas.

Designate a set amount of time (2-3 minutes per person) to share their thoughts on the topic. Perhaps the discussion is so good you find you need to set aside some additional time at the next meeting to explore the topic more in depth.

If you find your credit union requiring a deeper dive into strategic discussions, perhaps it’s time to explore a Strategic Planning Event with YMC. We analyze the value of opportunities and set an actionable game plan for your credit union’s growth strategy. We outline what success looks like, who owns what projects, and identify up front what could be holding you back from success.

Episode Library

Episode 1

Destroying silos and creating efficiency for better member service

Episode 2

Is your cultural perception
different from reality?

Episode 3

Every credit union should have a mentor. Who’s yours?

Episode 4

How can you reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a process at your credit union?

Episode 5

Who is your credit union’s villain? What does your credit union want to fight against?

Episode 6

Does your board reflect where you want to take your credit union in the future?

Episode 7

What technology is missing from your credit union to be able to serve more members in a wider geographic area?

Episode 8

Ask yourself how’s your track record with the past three years in achieving the goals of your strategic plan?

Episode 9

What talent and experience do you need to add to your team to achieve your goals over the next few years?

Episode 10

What would your members would miss if you shut down your credit union right now?

Episode 11

Identify the fears you have about the future of your credit union, and tackle them head-on.

Episode 12

What three metrics define success at your credit union in the short term and long term?

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