Q4 2017 YMC Report Card

Accountability. It’s a word many shy away from. But for #teamymc, it’s a word that drives us. Because we don’t sign our clients into long-term contracts, our job security comes from working our asses off and hustling every single day for each one of our clients. Fresh ideas. Asking questions. Strategic planning. So, as I do every quarter I poured through hundreds of pages of data provided by our credit unions and the quarter call reports from NCUA. And the results? One of the best quarters that we have seen our clients have in our 10 year history.

Average loan growth for YMC clients in Q4 2017: 13.76%
Average membership growth for YMC clients in Q4 2017: 4.74%

Of course we can toot our own horn since we help develop strategy and marketing for each of our clients, but they could never achieve these numbers without the hard work of their front line staff to turn leads into new members, and members into new loans.

We’ll take a moment to celebrate these big wins and a record quarter, but we’ll quickly be getting back to work to make sure Q1 2018 is just as successful.

Looking for these kind of results for your credit union? We can help you, too. Email bo@yourmarketingco.com. But hurry. We don’t work with competing credit unions. Join #teamymc before your competition does.

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