People who give a damn—they’re not just in the history books.

Heroes – Those who were not content with the status quo – took their communities, teams, and companies to new heights when they set their minds to it. We choose to only work with credit unions who give a damn about the people and communities they serve because they’re the ones who will ultimately affect change for the betterment of those around them.

What are the qualities of the leaders and brands we prefer to work with?

  • Growth-oriented
  • Questions everything
  • Pursues change
  • Coachable
  • Committed to investing in their culture

These characteristics are displayed by those best suited to conquer the mundane and become the best. We give a damn too, and we want to help you achieve your mission.

Relationships: We value the people we work with and those who work for us. We aim to work hard for them, protect them, fight for them and serve them well.

Ideas: We value great ideas and the creative ambitions that push past the norm for the sake of better serving our clients. We strive to provide ideas that are fun, but good for more than catching industry attention. The best ideas are those that make us ready and able to enjoy, work, serve and, most importantly, produce.

Results: We value our role as stewards of everything that we have been given, and we eagerly embrace our obligation to work hard to produce results that play a role in accomplishing the hopes and dreams of our clients, our team and our community.