Bo McDonald


Finding his creative voice (literally) behind the mic as a radio DJ in Upstate New York, Bo McDonald used his unique view on the financial world to create the go-to firm for community financial institutions looking to venture outside their comfort zones. Through a process of trial and error, Bo founded Your Marketing Co just over a decade ago and has enjoyed continued growth since then. His past ten plus years at YMC have been defined by industry disrupting ideas, a whole lot of laughs, and a creative boom in credit union marketing.

A dedicated leader and student of office culture, Bo has created a unique environment at YMC that focuses on interdepartmental connections and advancement. He introduced the Future Leaders of YMC (FLY) program in 2017, a program that trains people within the company in business leadership, project management, and individual growth.

When he’s not in Greenville, Bo can be found basking in the bayou vibes at his spiritual home in Louisiana. A YMC Fanatic though and through, you just might catch this bearded beauty around your town rocking YMC branded glasses, a teal blazer, and orange alligator shoes. You can’t miss him, and you won’t want to.

My favorite word is: kerfuffle

I would survive ______ days stranded in the wild: zero

On the weekends, you’ll find me: at Jackson Square in New Orleans

My favorite book is: A Confederacy of Dunces

My pet peeve is: food noises

Senior Relationship Development Leader

Audra Wilder

12 years ago, Audra haphazardly wandered into and fell in love with Credit Union land, which as we all know, is much like the Bermuda Triangle. With a diverse background of sales, management, branding and even single-stream recycling, Audra brings a unique perspective to the YMC team. With a passion for strategic planning and a killer member experience, Audra uses data to discover efficiencies, streamline process and enhance member interactions.  

 Born in the wrong generation, Audra loves 1960 and 70s classic rock, bell bottoms and festivals. In her spare time, you can find her scratch cooking, walking on one of the many beaches in her hometown of Milford, CT, at an art festival or on the softball field and basketball court cheering on her daughters.

Relationship Development Leader

Haley Kennedy

Don’t worry, it hasn’t happened yet

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Haley Kennedy combines her midwest charm with a motor that would have most Silicon Valley execs reaching for another [insert trendy organic energy drink here]. A former employee of the Credit Union Executives Society, Haley knows the credit union industry better than most CEO’s, don’t believe us? Quiz her, we dare you.

Motivated by the mission to make a positive impact on at least one credit union member every day, Haley champions community banks as if it were second nature. Got a question about YMC, credit unions, or where to find the best authentic ‘sconsin cheese curds in Greenville? Drop her a line!

If I’m late, it’s because: I got distracted, blame the cat

In my past life, I was: a sailor

My go-to karaoke song is: I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

If you see me at the bar, send a ______ my way: Bullet Rye Old Fashioned

The title of my memoir would be: I’m Not Lost, Just on an Adventure

Relationship Development Leader

Francis Allgood

Francis “Frank” Allgood has more than 15 years of experience in every facet of public information and marketing communications. He has a proven ability to plan, problem solve, prioritize projects and manage personnel in a time-sensitive, fast-paced environment.

After a short period with the Easley Progress, including a first place honor by the South Carolina Press Association, Francis joined GSA Business in 2000. He successfully led a struggling media company into a brand the business community came to know and respect.

In 2003, he was named South Carolina Small Business Administration’s Journalist of the Year. Under his strategy, company sales grew threefold from 2002 to 2007, ultimately making the business attractive for acquisition in 2008.

Before joining YMC, Francis served as the central point-of-contact for another Greenville based marketing firm. There he directed, planned and managed comprehensive marketing, advertising, public relations and branding strategies for various clients including several community banks.

Since 1999, he has been married to Jeneane Rekowski Allgood. They have two children, Thomas and Penelope. In 2008, he was one of only 40 alumni profiled in “40 Alumni for 40 Years” by his alma mater, USC Upstate.

Relationship Development Leader

Adam Tate

Adam is an East Tennessee native and spend the past decade in financial services. Most recently, Adam served as the Home Office Field Manager where he managed a branch, worked on underwriting loans and developed business relationships.

A graduate of ETSU, Adam spent his undergrad years focusing on criminal justice and criminology before receiving his M.B.A. from King University. When he’s not honing his financial skills, talking recidivism or playing with his dogs, you can find Adam at many of the local breweries Bristol has to offer.

Lead Graphic Designer

Jennifer Pham

Spicy & Spunky

Heading up the Design Team is Jennifer Pham. Jennifer is an undeniably skilled designer who spent her college years honing a defined style and scientific precision while earning dual degrees in Graphic Design and Chemistry at the University of South Carolina.

A creative soul and natural leader, Jennifer has found a second home here at YMC. Rising through the ranks faster than you can say motherf***er, she seldom meets a problem she can’t finesse her way around. A recent graduate of YMC’s FLY Program, Jennifer has not stopped reevaluating and refining her role as a communicator and a leader as a dedicated member of the local Toastmasters Club.

My ideal Weekend entails: drag shows

The title of my memoir would be: I’m Lost

If I could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, it would be: King Henry VII

My favorite word is: floozy or hussy

My best Halloween costume to date is: voodoo witch doctor

Junior Graphic Designer

Katie Samuels

Katie is a recent Garnet n’ Gold graduate from Winthrop University. With her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication and a love for design and the arts, she decided to pursue a career in graphic design within the marketing and advertisement field.

When her nose isn’t glued to InDesign, she is often editing photos for her freelance photography business or creating whimsical illustrations to sell online. She escapes to the beach or takes hikes in the mountains to escape the computer screens and piling email notifications. She is also a long-time lover of Starbucks, Disney movies, and (almost) anything pink.

Junior Graphic Designer

Haley Young

Haley is a recent graduate of Anderson University, with a Bachelors of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. When she’s not working she enjoys longs walks at Target and nights at home on the couch with a good movie.

Junior Graphic Designer

Emily Stokes

Emily is a 2016 graduate of Charleston Southern University, with a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Art. In her free time, Emily enjoys hanging out with friends and family, binging Youtube videos about random things or investing in things that manifest her goal of becoming a soccer mom.

Junior Graphic Designer

Anna Bullock

Anna is a 2019 graduate from Belmont University, with a BFA in Design Communications with an emphasis in Studio Art. She loves road trips, hiking, black coffee, and hanging out with her husband, Hunter, and her german shepherd husky mix, Thor.

Digital Content Manager

Carson Sperry

Carson is a recent graduate of Wofford College and a native of the northern Chicago suburbs. While he may miss the Midwest in the summer, he is extremely excited to spend the winter in positive temperatures.

When Carson is not in the office he’s most likely planning exotic trips he’ll never take or seeking out bookstores that will allow him to read without ever buying anything.

Social Media Manager

Lauren Robirds

I’ve got nine lives…at least I did.

Social media—something so complex not even the great minds in Congress can wrap their heads around how it works. When a problem this complex arises one thing becomes clear, it’s time to call in a ringer. Our ringer is Lauren Robirds. She is the face behind our Facebook, the creative mind behind the keys keeping the online presence of all our clients fresh with thumb-stopping content. She also just so happens to be the driving force behind many an office happy hour.

A native of the upstate, Lauren has settled into Greenville and the YMC team with ease. She approaches each day with the simple goal of being better than she was the day before. The results of this endless pursuit are displayed on the social media pages of our clients and felt by the whole team at YMC every day.

The worst fashion decision I ever made is: J-Lo style track suit

If I’m late it’s because: traffic, it’s always traffic and never my fault

My guilty pleasure is: 90-Day Fiancé

I am most afraid of: cotton balls, roaches, and failure

My specialty in the kitchen is: eating


Social Media Strategist

Casey Rodgers

Casey comes to us with a few years of agency experience in the beautiful, historic city of Charleston, SC. Starting as a media buyer, Casey worked her way through all aspects of marketing and advertising. Never meeting a stranger, Casey can definitely put the social in social media. It’s one of the reasons we’ve brought her on as a Social Media Specialist.

MY FRIENDS CALL ME: Case, Casey, or even Quesadilla

MY IDEAL WEEKEND ENTAILS: Either traveling somewhere for the weekend or if I’m home it’s kayaking, brunch with friends, and watching a movie one day and the next would be getting out on the town and doing something different.

Digital Content Manager

Allison Roberts

A Greenville transplant and native Tennesseean, Allison came to YMC after paying her dues at daily newspapers in Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina. Allison spent about six years as a crime reporter, which left her with no shortage of amazing stories to share (like the Easter Bunny who was arrested for selling drugs).

When Allison isn’t proofreading YMC’s digital content, she spends her spare time…proofreading papers for a friend working on his doctorate at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, wedding planning with her fiancee and watching true crime documentaries. Old habits die hard.

Project Coordinator

Courtney Bravo

Be there in a Prosecco

Every office needs someone to bust in with a truly bizarre story every once in a while. That person at YMC is Courtney Bravo. Beyond trying to sidestep the strangest Greenville has to offer on an hourly basis, Courtney keeps everything running as our Project Coordinator. A Graduate of Charleston Southern, she found her way inland to our family over a year ago and we couldn’t be happier about it.

In addition to making sure the design and digital teams are assigned and in the loop on all pertinent projects, Courtney keeps up with all the administrative details that keep the doors here at YMC open. A constant source of positivity around the office, Courtney always has a smile on her face and a hug in the chamber…unless you cross her, then you’ll be met with an off-the-cuff insult and a swift roundhouse to the head. You’ve been warned.

I am most afraid of: bugs, loud noises, and sudden movements

My go-to karaoke song is: No Scrubs or Landslide depending on who did me wrong that day

My spirit animal is: french bulldog — need constant attention, have inappropriate tendencies, and like to eat

I can’t function without: at least 9 hours of sleep

When (not if) the robot uprising happens, Ill go to _____ for safety: the pool, robots can’t get wet, right?

Guest Blogger


Some people here will tell you I’m entitled or aloof. I say I live here, so as far as I’m concerned, yeah, I do own the place…Jennifer.

Influenced by the tendencies of a boujee boss, I have become accustomed to the finer things in life: three freshly prepared meals a day, a bachelor pad in the heart of downtown Greenville, and a full bar (with limited supervision on the weekends).

My favorite movie is: Marley & Me…hysterical ending

My best Halloween costume to date is: goldfish

If I’m late, it’s because: I genuinely don’t care about you

On the weekends you’ll find me: lounging harder than you could ever imagine

My pet peeve is: people

Guest Blogger

Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin is a dog and doesn’t have an email address. His mom does, though. You can get in touch with her at


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