Marne Franklin speaking

A marketing audit is a comprehensive look at your goals, objectives, strategies and principles for marketing. Not only does it lay the groundwork for what your credit union or community bank aims to achieve, it gives you an action plan for achieving 20% or greater ROI.

Why are you not growing? You have the marketing budget and the right people, but something just isn’t clicking. Let our team of marketing professionals objectively evaluate your team, strategy and marketing messaging to boost you to the next level.

We’ll spend three days onsite with you. We’ll assess what changes need to be made so your audience hears how you can make a difference in their financial lives. We’ll show you ways to achieve success and make you the envy of your peers. We simply provide a fresh outside perspective that leaves you with great ideas and actionable steps to grow, no matter your size.

Is a marketing audit right for your credit union or community bank?

Let our objective team of marketing professionals evaluate your strategy, creativity and team to boost you to the next level.

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