Making Google Personal: Google Search Trends

“Who was that one guy who was in that movie that one time?”
“How do you convert miles to kilometers?”
“Who was the 23rd president of the United States?”

These are all questions that may have come up at some time or another in your life. These are all questions you may have turned to Google to answer.

More and more, people aren’t just asking Google about factual responses. Instead, they’re asking personal questions and expecting personalized results in return. For example, “What should I have for dinner?” has become increasingly popular. In general, searches asking “___ should I ____” have gone up 80% in just two years.*

Some quick facts regarding Google searches:

  • Google handles around 2 trillion searches per year**
  • Of those, 15% are inquiries that have never been asked before
  • Over one million of those in the US are related to auto loans†
  • Searches for home equity lines of credit, home equity loans and loans for home renovations top the 1.77 million mark†

In addition to the increase in “should I” searches, there has also been an uptick in searches that include “near me” as well as “best.”††

So what does all this mean for you?

  1. It is more important than ever for your credit union to utilize Google Search Advertising to be present when members and potential members are shopping. Consumers are moving away from in-person or even phone inquiries. They aren’t making their purchase decisions during normal business hours. Instead, they are looking for info on their phones at 7am on a Sunday morning or searching for options on their laptop in bed at 10pm on a Tuesday. Search marketing allows you to be there whenever – and on whatever device ­– they search.
  2. It’s also important to make sure your keywords include terms that explain your product, like auto loan but they should also include trending terms like best rate on a car loan or finance a used car near me.
  3. Whoever is managing your ad campaigns needs to keep an eye on your keywords and search terms to make sure you aren’t spending on underperforming keywords and that you aren’t losing clicks by failing to put top search terms to work for you.


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