Be Careful About Making Assumptions

To the people inside your credit union, everything feels familiar. They know the lingo. They’re used to the routines. They are in their comfort zone, and they like it. So, why is that a problem? Insiders often assume everyone else knows what they know and think like they think—even those on the outside. Unlike the average insider, good marketers assume nothing. They find ways to connect with a broader audience by thinking like outsiders and trying to see the world through their eyes.

Although it might sound simple, thinking like an outsider isn’t a skill that comes naturally. It takes practice—and in many cases, a little extra help. If you want to improve your marketing efforts, the next time you produce a new ad or piece of creative, try running it by some friends or family who aren’t a part of your credit union team. Instead of telling them what you’re trying to communicate, ask them what they think the ad is trying to say. Do they understand the value proposition? Do they feel compelled to act? Their answers might surprise you—but they’ll certainly let you know whether your message is clear.

Failing to think like an outsider is one of the most common reasons that many advertising campaigns fall flat. As a credit union professional, you understand your programs and products better than anyone—as you should. However, when you try to impress potential members with your knowledge and expertise, you can wind up producing copy and creative that resonates with you instead of telling others how you can help meet their needs. When you forget to look at the creative through the eyes of someone on the outside (i.e., your ideal member), you’re basically assuming everyone already knows everything you do.

And you know what assuming does, right?

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