Facebook Business Page Update

It comes as no surprise that Facebook has once again changed its formulas. While the analytics are unmatched by any other platform, Facebook strives to continuously improve the user experience. Always in search of the ultimate experience, this update seemed surprisingly late.

In this recent update, Facebook announced quite a change for its business pages. Facebook is aiming to eliminate duplicate views on posts in order to show a more accurate depiction of the actual reach your posts are receiving. While this update is actually a good change, companies need to be aware of it so they’re not surprised when they’re reviewing their analytics.

In light of this new change, here are a few recommendations for brands looking to audit and assess their true performance on Facebook after the new algorithm change.

  1. Set new benchmarks for reach and engagement. The new algorithm was implemented in November 2019. When January arrives, use December’s post reach as a new benchmark to gauge social performance. Otherwise, you would be doing yourself and your brand a disservice.
  2. Don’t discount past posts that seemingly received good engagement. Just because the post performed very well under the old grading system, doesn’t mean that it won’t under the new benchmarks. For instance, if you’re sharing an evergreen post you shared in the past as a current #ThrowbackThursday, be mindful of the new grading system.
  3. Keep being consistent. The key to a good social media strategy is not only the strategy that’s used but the implementation of the strategy that remains consistent. Whether you’re posting 3 times a week or 3 times a day, be sure to remain a reliable content source. And as always, post once, measure results twice.

I’m all about giving bonuses, so here’s a bonus tip. If you want to optimize your social media presence, you need to stay informed. Many aspects of social media are changing; in fact, I would say the one thing about social media that’s consistent is that it’s changing. Therefore, always be looking for ways to optimize and improve, just like Facebook and you will be on the path to being successful at social media.

Whether its social media or inbound marketing, Social Media Strategist, Casey, is ready to whip your digital presence into shape. If you’re ready to make strategy at the forefront of your social plan, you can reach her at casey@yourmarketingco.com.

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