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I’m not a zealot when it comes to video games. There’s only one game that I play on my son’s Xbox, and that’s FIFA 18 (soccer). Most often, I’m playing as the U.S. Women’s National Team. I can’t even find the men’s team on the video game, which partly speaks for my age and partly speaks to how bad our U.S. Men’s National Team has been in recent years. Ouch!

This time of year, my eyes are glued to the Women’s World Cup. Not just watching our team making history with a 13-0 win over Thailand (wowzers!), but all the sights and sounds, messaging and meaning that make up the world’s stage.

This leads me to one ad that caught my eye. Scrolling across the perimeter walls it read: Dare to Create.

What’s the context? What’s the connection?

I’d like to tell you it was an ad for a credit union or community bank. How creativity redefines one’s path. That creativity inspires us to do more and unites us to see the big picture. And how when life throws you curveballs, creativity is the answer.

It’s actually an ad for adidas.

“We believe in the power of writing your own rules, but it will take those who think differently and are confident enough to make it happen. It will take Creators,” said adidas VP of Global Brand Communication Ryan Morlan.

But why could this not be the message for your financial institution? Here we have principally a shoemaker telling us to be “Creators.” As credit unions and community banks, how are we encouraging consumers to create a better life for themselves and their families?

“Think about it, financial institutions sell products and services just like the companies that sell perfume, Levi’s or coffee,” said former Umpqua Bank CEO Ray Davis in his book, Leading for Growth: How Umpqua Bank Got Cool and Created a Culture of Greatness. “Retailers have stores. So do banks, only they call them branches… for some reason.”

Note well: It’s not OK to be boring. Adidas can’t sit on the sidelines and say, “We make great shoes. Please buy.” They need to be seen. They need to be heard. They need consumers to align and identify with their brand.

And so do you.

There is a greater story to be told at your organization. You just need to find it. Your credit union or bank has a reason for being that far surpasses checking accounts, loans, and savings.

With the resources you have, what do you aim to do? Use your voice – and your imagination – to do something about it.

Dare to create.

Frank Allgood has more than 20 years of experience in every facet of public information and marketing communications. As Vice President of Relationship Development for Your Marketing Co., he is responsible for strategic brand experiences and marketing initiatives for credit unions across the country. For branding or rebranding projects, call 864.326.8740 or email frank@yourmarketingco.com.

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