Copywriter (remote)


At Your Marketing Co., we believe if you care the best, you get the best. Caring for clients. Caring for coworkers. Caring for our business. And when we do this well, the results are engaging, empowering and transformative. The ideal candidate would have these qualities:

  • Proactive – Confident, assertive and diplomatic, our best employees are problem solvers. They are self-motivated, perform tasks with enthusiasm and efficiency, and demonstrates sound judgement. Completing assignments in a timely and accurate manner starts with demonstrating good listening skills and compassion.
  • Detail-Oriented – Establishing trust and rapport with clients and coworkers comes by being conscientious of the true meaning teamwork. Teamwork can only happen when the team has greater perspective, and that can only be gained with high-level details. Top performers at YMC take pride in proper planning and processing accuracy.
  • Organized/Time Management — At YMC, employees need to have the ability to manage multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced environment. Working independently as well as collaboratively in a team setting is a must. Solid organization skills prevent feelings of overwhelm – both in the office and at home – and show we care for ourselves, the team, and our clients.
  • Passionate – Our people are motivated and inspired by the value proposition of their work. Collectively, as a team, we are enthusiastically helping credit unions foster real economic and social change for their communities. If we don’t love what we do, we will never achieve the goals that we set for ourselves, our company, or the credit unions we serve.
  • Communicative — We value high levels of quality communication. This means understanding the personality styles of our teammates and clients. An empathetical mindset is key to productivity, morale, and team unity. Employees are expected to speak-up, ask questions, listen intently and be respectful in-person or across communication platforms.

Position Summary:

The role of the copywriter is to maintain a consistent, unique, and engaging brand voice for our clients. They will brainstorm and produce engaging written content that will assist our clients in reaching new members, increasing loan volume, and increasing general brand awareness.

Working with our agency and clients, you will be responsible for developing editorial content and collaborating in creative meetings. Other responsibilities include maintaining a full working knowledge of 30+ individual brands, maintaining brands and executing them in written marketing content, and providing copy that is out of the box and error-free in a timely manner.

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ years of copywriting experience
  • Ideating, brainstorming, and generating new strategic, creative copy concepts for execution
  • Maintaining consistent brand voice standards and copy that follows through all materials with the client value prop
  • Proficiency in editing for errors and quality
  • Proficiency in writing error-free and grammatically correct copy
  • Thrives in an open, collaborative team environment
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and results-driven

Key Areas of Responsibility Include:

  • Write advertising copy that conveys accurate messaging for projects across a wide range of media
  • Create, develop, and execute copy to reach client goals, increase engagement, and support marketing efforts for our clients on all marketing platforms
  • Develop, maintain, and update individual brand voices and personalized content for each of the clients that exemplify their unique client value prop
  • Be up-to-date with current trends, be innovative, and find creative copy solutions to deliver the message in a clear and effective manner
  • Collaborate and work closely with other YMC Staff to ensure creative content will work effectively on all marketing mediums
  • Live and act as an example of the company’s values

Does this sound like you?

We have a world-class marketing team striving to build relationships, ideas, and results for our team and three dozen progressive, driven brands across this country. Our environment is fun and fast-paced, and we are passionate about growing personally and professionally. At YMC, pushing the limits of marketing is the everyday norm.

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