What Is a Leader?

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What is a leader? The answer is simple. Everyone is a leader. The real question becomes: how good of a leader are you? I was selected for the Future Leaders of YMC in January. Being a boutique agency, we are fortunate to be nimble and provide opportunities for participants to create and execute their concepts […]

4 Inspiring Financial Institution Rebrands

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We know credit unions historically have a better net promoter score than banks. We also know that trust in the financial services sector is at its highest level, according to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer. And yet, at only 57% among the general population, it remains the least-trusted sector. How does a credit union break away from […]

Want to Grow Your Credit Union Membership? Do This First.

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I recently facilitated a two-day planning session for a credit union, and before the meeting began, the CEO shared his primary goal with me. “If we don’t accomplish anything else in 2020,” he said, “we need to grow membership.” With this goal in mind, he was eager to discuss strategies that would bring in new […]

How to Market to Prospects in 15 Seconds

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What is the biggest objection to banking with you? Many credit unions and community banks point the finger at rates and service, and then tack on a qualifying statement, “but we’re competitive.” There’s not a lot of confidence or conviction there. If you have 15 seconds to communicate a message, keeping in mind that the […]

I Am Not the Best Mom, but a Mom with Purpose

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I am not the best mom. I’m a good mom and a strong mom. I’m a take-no-shit kind of mom. I say things – inappropriate things, snarky things, tongue-in-cheek kinds of things. I go in my own direction in life. At times perhaps not the right direction, but it’s always with a purpose, nonetheless. But […]

5 Powerful Videos to Persuade Your Audience


There are five types of videos that can help you make an authentic connection with your audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. With more than half (55%) of people watching online videos every day, video has become the platform for satisfying both informational and entertainment needs. If pictures are worth […]

Solving a Problem? Here’s the one question you MUST ask first!


Answers come fast. When times are tough or something bad happens, it seems like there’s always a line of people waiting to offer advice. Everyone has an idea. Everybody has an opinion. But do any of them truly understand what the problem is? Probably not. After facilitating strategic planning sessions for financial institutions over the […]

How to Rewire Employee Engagement

Our family dog, Charlie, is a delightful Cock-a-Poo – the offspring of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. These are two of the most intelligent dog breeds. Charlie is hypoallergenic, easygoing, affectionate, and will melt your heart. He can sit, stay, shake hands, stand on two legs and occasionally will bark on command. And that’s […]


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I was on American Airlines today – great plane. The best in a longtime – I was flying out of Hartford and not New Haven or Westchester – not knocking those airports but this was a nice plane – and on time. On my way to Greenville to hang with #teamymc. Best seats ever, pleather, […]

Does Your Credit Union Have Grit?

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Grit is essential for survival. Life gives us challenges and we face most of them when we feel the least capable of handling them. I recently joined toastmasters and during the icebreaker of my first speech, I detailed my talent for being a klutz. It was in that moment I recognized that the story I […]