Automation: Great for Processes, Not-So-Great for Member Services

I love automation and streamlining and efficiencies and…well, I could go on and on. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. Oh, and I love commas. But that’s a whole different topic. I love cutting out the unnecessary anything. The world is saturated with line extensions (like 472 different flavors in the toothpaste aisle), […]

Intentionality Starts with Breathing

Three simple words, three simple actions, one game changer. I recently read the book “Pause Breathe Smile” by Gary Gach. The core focus of the book deals with intentionality. To stop and focus, even just for a moment, on your breathing. It sounds simple enough but in the crazy world of notifications and their accompanying […]

If You’re Writing Off Millennials, You’re Missing Out!

“They are a generation of coddled infants who developed into demanding tyrants.” This quote sounds a lot like the statements I hear veteran board members make about “those damn millennials.” While the line certainly seems to capture a popular sentiment about Millennials, it wasn’t about them at all. Written in 1968 by Lisa Hammel of […]

Don’t Misjudge the Likeability of Humor

“Where’s the beef?” Some of you may not know this classic 1980s catchphrase from Wendy’s. So, let’s try another one: “Dilly dilly!” Now I’ve captured the rest of our reader’s attention. From the loveable old lady who would storm drive-thru counters asking for more beef and less bun, to the more recent Bud Light commercial […]

The Quickest Way Anywhere is a Straight Line

It’s a fact…the quickest way anywhere is a straight line. So, why do credit unions seemingly insist on charting winding paths for their members and their marketers? Many times we overthink strategies and plans. We get bogged down by the “that can’t be done that way” attitudes in the face of change. Even when the […]

What Credit Unions Can Learn from Apple’s Special Event

In the wake of Apple’s most recent Special Event, one thing is clear: there is no escaping our corporate overlords. Apple, the company that already lives in the pockets of just over 45% of Americans, is undoubtedly hoping to expand that reach to a seemingly infinite degree with this push into entertainment and finance. While […]

Stop Making It So Hard for People To Do Business With You!

“Why aren’t we growing?” Frustrated credit union leaders ask me this question when they’re trying to figure out why growth numbers are falling short. They’re proud of the fact that they’re leading a small not-for-profit financial cooperative, and they can’t see why anyone would choose a different banking option. They usually follow their first question […]

One Stat That Should Capture Your Attention

Here is One Stat that Should Capture Your Attention This might hurt to read if you are a leader for your financial institution. If you have an inkling of what I’m about to say, you know it is time to get more intentional. So… here it goes. The average American family spends $1.22 for every […]

Data-related Lessons from…Estée Lauder?

My first job was with Estée Lauder. Well, my first real job—the 40-hour-a-week, punch-a-time-card, wear-a-uniform kind of job. That’s right, a uniform complete with the mandatory 2.5-inch heels. (Yes, seriously.) Over the course of my career, I’ve had many jobs, but only a select few shaped me significantly. The Estée Lauder job was one of […]

Lessons from a YMC Failure.

Women looking at a computer

Processes — the word provokes anxiety in abstract thinkers while inciting joyous glee in their analytical counterparts. But one thing is for certain, love them or hate them, processes are a necessary part of every business model (unless you’re operating under a rule of chaos, in which case, enjoy your last few months in business). […]