You are what you can’t let go of

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Ask any new client of YMC, and they’ll compare us to a four-year-old. ‘Why?’ is our favorite question to ask of new clients when we’re evaluating what they’ve been doing. Often there’s a very good reason. But, more often than not, there’s a blank stare and the typical response of: “That’s just the way we’ve […]

You Absolutely Should Do Your Own Branding

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Is your credit union at a crossroads? Do you wonder if your organization needs to enhance its brand or even change its name? This is a must-read for any financial institution that seeks to be more memorable.

How to retain good staff when turnover is high

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“Our credit union is understaffed. We just can’t find enough people!” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that statement from credit union leaders over the past few months, I’d be a very rich person right now. I’m not a recruiter, so I won’t dispense advice on a topic I know others […]

How Hispanic Marketing Boosts Membership, Team Confidence and Success!

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Credit unions can benefit immensely by serving Hispanic markets. A recent study by the NCUA showed more than 30 million Hispanics who are members of credit unions of a total 60.5 million living in the U.S., according to the Department of Health and Human Services. This burgeoning demographic makes up just 26% of total credit […]

The 1 Credit Union Marketing Mistake You’re Making

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I can rattle off a half dozen marketing mistakes credit unions make, but I want to focus on the one major mistake that I see time and time again. It’s the mistake that stems from our good nature and desire to be the good guys but often ends up doing more harm than good to […]

How Culture Relates to Marketing

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Can your credit union have an awesome marketing plan and a rocky culture? Can your organization have a profound culture but a boring marketing plan? Let’s talk branding.

3 Fatal Credit Union Marketing Mistakes

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“We’re spending money, but there’s nothing to show for it.” If you’ve said that about your credit union marketing, you’re not alone. You may have increased your budget. You may have tried something new. I even know of one large credit union that eliminated its entire marketing budget and didn’t see any change in its numbers. […]

Big Tech Making Big Changes That Affect Credit Union Advertising Campaigns

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Under the gun from lawmakers and lawsuits, Google’s™ web privacy efforts have made it harder for advertisers, publishers, and data brokers to gather personal data without users’ permission. Google™ will no longer be making data profiles based on users’ activity on Google™, and while this is great for individuals who seek privacy, for advertisers it’s a blow […]

Goals can be the death of your credit union

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Let’s be clear: It’s not the goals that will kill your credit union. It’s how you think about those goals that could kill your credit union. Which of the following is the more effective self-talk? A: My loan goal this month is $700,000. B: It is my responsibility to lend $700,000 this month to members […]