The Number of Fs Your Credit Union Makes

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Count the Number of ‘Fs’ Your Credit Union Makes There’s evidence to suggest a cooling economy. Economists point to GDP growth that is limping at a slow pace. Even the Credit Union National Association is predicting “slower economic growth, more uncertainty and more consumer caution will slow credit union growth.” In CUNA’s third quarter report, […]

Should Credit Unions Take the Easy Way Out?

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In many organizations, credit unions included, marketing is viewed as the primary driver of success or failure. Loans are down? Must be marketing. Bad reviews online? Blame marketing. Goals aren’t being met? You guessed it—marketing. Now, while marketing certainly plays a role, an organization’s success always relies on a variety of factors. Sure, marketing must […]

A Time to Reflect

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A Time to Reflect on 2019 The start of the year is a great time to evaluate what we accomplished in the past year and what we hope to achieve in the new year—or in the case of 2020, the new decade. As a participant in the Future Leaders of YMC program (FLY for short), […]

New Ways to Add Value for Your Membership

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I’m kind of an app freak. Well, really, I am a rebate, savings, make some money on the side app freak. I love them. My obsession began a few years ago when I was trying to do a “fun apps to help save you $$” newsletter article. I downloaded, tested them, hated some, loved others. […]

Do You Hear What I Hear

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“I Assume You Cannot Hear What I’m Saying” On Saturday mornings during the Christmas season, you can usually find me in my office streaming my favorite Christmas classics and whittling away at the last of my weekly to-do list. One of the items on my list involves doing some research on my clients’ competitors: banks, […]

Being Data Driven

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Raise your hand if your credit union is using data. WOW! Like 85% of you! (I have great virtual vision). Now, how many of you know why you are using it? Who knows what you are using it for specifically? How about your results from using it? Crickets. This is not uncommon. Data. It’s overwhelming. […]

What is VUCA and How Can You Find Your Way Through It?

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VUCA. This term is frequently thrown around in boardrooms and strategy sessions across the country. Coined by the US Army War College in the late 1990s, VUCA is an acronym that was originally used to describe the combat conditions facing soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. While the […]

Be Careful About Making Assumptions

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To the people inside your credit union, everything feels familiar. They know the lingo. They’re used to the routines. They are in their comfort zone, and they like it. So, why is that a problem? Insiders often assume everyone else knows what they know and think like they think—even those on the outside. Unlike the […]

Not So Enchanted Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? What if your fairness as a leader was the quality being measured instead of beauty? Leadership is always a challenge and our own least desired qualities are the hardest to face. Do you find certain employees more difficult to deal with than others? Perhaps there […]

Killing the Leadership Crazy Cycle

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Task saturation. It runs deep in every organization. It’s a topic that has come up in every strategic planning session we’ve conducted this year. When we start identifying things that can hold us back from achieving success at the next level, task saturation consistently ranks near the top of the list. Since it appears to […]