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Careers - Frequently Asked Questions

You’re interested in applying for a job, but you want to know more about the company, the culture and customs. You want a snapshot of what it’s like to work there. We’ve all been there. 
Here’s your snapshot of YMC. Get to know more about our office atmosphere, find out what a Think n’ Drink is and figure out why Taco Casa is a YMC staple. Plus, get an idea of the benefits that we offer. 

We continue to grow slowly, which allows for upward mobility and opportunities to earn leadership positions as they become available. There is plenty of opportunity for growth by participating in our monthly Next Level Book Club, the YMC One Program, FLY (Future Leaders of YMC Training Program) and more. At YMC, it doesn’t matter what your title is. Every person is expected to lead themselves to personal and professional growth.

We’re constantly evolving and trying to make work-life balance better. Progress, not perfection. Work doesn’t necessarily end at 5 pm and work may arise “off the clock” if you’re on the Development or Digital team. Allowing time for rest to reset and spend time enjoying life with friends and family is a priority. Compared to other agency cultures, we try our best to be respectful of boundaries.

Work hard play hard. We take our mission seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. We have a sense of humor. We hold each other accountable in our respective positions. We have each other’s backs. We’re not only a team, we’re an extended family.

Being a part of YMC gives you the opportunity to utilize your skills and creativity while working in a fun, family-like work environment. It’s a great environment for creatives who are curious about new things and constantly seeking growth.

Right now the answer is no. YMC has a specific niche in working with mission-focused credit unions that seek to change their communities by offering socially responsible loans and other financial products while combatting predatory lenders and “big bank” fees. While there are plenty of community banks that do great work, our focus right now is on the more than 5,000 credit unions that exist.

Keep an open mind, and never be afraid to ask a question. It’s not hard to make a mistake in any position at YMC, but those mistakes can be avoided when you take the time to ask the necessary questions. And if a mistake is made, we celebrate the opportunity to learn from it.

As a team, we like to make sure that we make everyone on the team feels important. We like to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions. We celebrate occasional holidays/annual events such as Mardi Gras, National Wine Day, Christmas, etc. We also have a weekly meeting called “Think and Drink,” where our entire team comes together to bring everyone up to date on how things are going, and of course, your drink of choice is welcome.

Potentially. If depends on which position you are applying for. We are currently exploring our work from home or remote work opportunities, and some positions are easier than others to work remotely. Flex time and remote work is a strategic priority for our team to continue working on.

  • We have an office cat and he is a jerk. 
  • We have a drinks fridge in the lobby to keep your beverage of choice properly chilled.
  • We work hard for our clients because they work hard for their members. We like to say we bend over backward for our clients, but we won’t bend over forwards.
  • Beer, drinks, and spirits are a staple tradition at YMC, but so are terrible jokes.
  • You better get in the NOLA spirit. Laissez le bon temps rouler!
  • The Annual Office Easter Egg Hunt is one of many traditions in the office! (Just the most merciless one. Every man for himself.)
  • You will most likely be forced into going to Taco Casa at some point or another.
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