Would you call your financial institution a brand-centric organization?

Is there an emotional attachment to your brand?

HopeSouth Sign unveiling

Whether it’s a brand overhaul or a new positioning strategy, it’s vital that you develop a consistent identity internally, externally and across all media channels. Our objective is to create a more dynamic brand presence – to understand your vision and the dynamics that drive public perception of your credit union or community bank.

Our process will underscore the roses and thorns (strengths and weaknesses) of your organization. We aim to answer:

  • Why does your organization exist?
  • What are the core principles guiding your organization?
  • What does your organization seek to create, change and achieve?
  • How does the organization define success?
  • How is your organization perceived within the community?
  • What is your organization’s “why”?

When we encounter a naming and identity project, it’s more than just a logo. Likewise, we don’t just deliver a style guide and walk away. Our proven process is to unveil the true essence and mission of your credit union or community bank, and to set your brand up for success.

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