Being Data Driven

Raise your hand if your credit union is using data. WOW! Like 85% of you! (I have great virtual vision). Now, how many of you know why you are using it? Who knows what you are using it for specifically? How about your results from using it? Crickets. This is not uncommon.

Data. It’s overwhelming. It’s overwhelming for anyone who isn’t sure how to use it, what it is telling them, what to focus on, or even just how. many. channels. of. endless. streams. of. data. are available. Sigh. (and a possible eye roll). No worries, right? I’ll tell you a secret. It can be just as overwhelming for those of us that do know the answers to the questions above—well, at least think we have an inkling of understanding.

So, how do you focus on what data is necessary and what data will drive the results that make a difference to your board of directors and your senior leadership team? How do you figure out which data will help you create a better experience for your members? Sometimes these can be hardest questions to answer.

It can be an uphill battle, especially in smaller credit unions, to find the arguments needed to warrant the “testing” it takes to learn and integrate different channels of data into your marketing and strategic plans. The cost can be heavy, not only in a monetary sense, but in hours (and emotions) as well.

If you are ready to try some new strategic marketing tactics when communicating with your members, set some “quick win” goals. These are goals you can put in place using a minimal amount of data and the least amount of cost (time, effort, and dollars). “Quick wins” can help you demonstrate the importance of correctly looking at data by showing its positive impact on member behavior.

No matter what your credit union’s specific goals may be, we all share a common goal: to have a more engaged and loyal member. After all, our members are the people who keep our doors open and the ones we open our doors for in the first place. That’s why the member experience drives my passion for helping credit unions move through the different phases of the data maturity model.

There is no ETA for when your credit union will achieve the enlightened state of being a truly data-driven entity, no “8 easy ways” to be all you can be. But there is no time like the present to start building the foundation that will help your credit union reach those goals. It may be a bumpy ride at times, but nothing is more satisfying than seeing the progress of forward movement and the satisfaction of a member who feels relevant.

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