Account Manager

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The Relationship Development Manager (account manager) is responsible for developing and maintaining a close relationship with each client and prospect.

Digital Advertising Strategist SEM/PPC

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Mission Statement Our Digital Advertising Strategist will be able to utilize current and evolving digital ad platforms in assisting clients in reaching new members, increasing loan volume, and increasing general brand awareness by effectively creating, managing, and analyzing digital advertising (PPC, Social Media, Geofencing) campaigns. You will work closely with the Digital Team to create […]

New Ways to Add Value for Your Membership

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I’m kind of an app freak. Well, really, I am a rebate, savings, make some money on the side app freak. I love them. My obsession began a few years ago when I was trying to do a “fun apps to help save you $$” newsletter article. I downloaded, tested them, hated some, loved others. […]

5 Cents

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Put in my…5 cents…? What the what? It used to be 2 cents. When did inflation start affecting sayings? I am certainly more than willing to put in my 2, 5 or even 25 cents – not sure if my opinion is worth that but I’d throw some change in to give my say. Honestly, […]

I Hate Asking for Help

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I hate asking for help.I believe manuals are for dummies.I believe in the sink or swim.I believe in the figure it out.I do not listen to directions well. I listen halfway and then think I got the gist of it.I do not take maps. I think I have a photographic memory. Utah. It’s gorgeous. Mountains […]

Being Relevant Among The Noise

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Speaker: Audra Wilder 0-90 minutes Let’s face it. Data is OVERWHELMING! What pieces do you REALLY need to reach your member, your goal, or drive behavior? In this session, we’ll talk about using data and targeting already in your credit union’s environment (core, online and more) to reach your members with specific, relevant messaging that […]

Using Online Video for Sales & Lead Generation

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Speaker: Frank Allgood 60 MinutesPeople do business with people – not companies. YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. Short format videos give organizations the closest thing to talking to someone face-to-face. In addition to product promotions, forward thinking credit unions are using video to convey culture, personality and expertise. Key […]

How To Grow Your Organization

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90 minutes
This interactive session will take you down memory lane, using some of your favorite childhood stories to show just how easy obstacles can be overcome to achieve growth in your organization. This mini-planning session will have attendees working together to uncover solutions to the obstacles holding their organizations back from growth and success.

Marketing for Queen Bees & Wannabees

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This is a one-day workshop focused on helping community financial institutions succeed at finding value propositions, identifying ideal members, and how to reach and retain those ideal members. Attendees will also learn how to do marketing and website audits, and participate in individual and group exercises. Best practices discussions will show concrete strategies and tactics that can be implemented right away. Plus, you’ll learn why you want to be a Queen Bee, and not a Wannabee.

I Am Not the Best Mom, but a Mom with Purpose

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I am not the best mom. I’m a good mom and a strong mom. I’m a take-no-shit kind of mom. I say things – inappropriate things, snarky things, tongue-in-cheek kinds of things. I go in my own direction in life. At times perhaps not the right direction, but it’s always with a purpose, nonetheless. But […]