Facebook Business Page Update

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It comes as no surprise that Facebook has once again changed its formulas. While the analytics are unmatched by any other platform, Facebook strives to continuously improve the user experience. Always in search of the ultimate experience, this update seemed surprisingly late. In this recent update, Facebook announced quite a change for its business pages. […]

Fully Customized Program

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Do you have a topic in mind? Let one of our speakers tailor a presentation for your event. Whether it be a marketing school, workshop, seminar, breakout session, panel discussion or keynote address, we are happy to customize a program that will resonate with your unique audience. Book Now

What Kids Can Teach Us

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60 MinutesFrom the colleges to the pros, there are many great stories that link coaching philosophy to sound management principles. What can executives learn from a small town, junior high-level church basketball team? The paradox is the many life lessons being taught to our children are forgotten as adults. Key Takeaways Provide insight in how […]

Authentic Brands & Loyalty

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Most credit unions speak a good relationship game. Naturally, we want to serve our members. We have the best of intentions, and yet, we find ourselves plagued by faceless commerce – missing out on golden loyalty opportunities.

Why Should People Give a Damn About Your Brand

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Speaker: Bo McDonald 60 minutesIt’s a dog eat dog world, and competition is fierce. Low rates and “good service” aren’t a growth plan, and neither is a Facebook page and mobile app. Get a fascinating look at historical marketing strategies that drove growth, and learn how those strategies can be applied today. We’ll also take […]

What Credit Unions Can Learn from Apple’s Special Event

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In the wake of Apple’s most recent Special Event, one thing is clear: there is no escaping our corporate overlords. Apple, the company that already lives in the pockets of just over 45% of Americans, is undoubtedly hoping to expand that reach to a seemingly infinite degree with this push into entertainment and finance. While […]