3 Hispanic Marketing Trends for Credit Unions in 2022

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As we approach 2022, credit union marketing plans must hone in on information and details of your ideal members’ lives to engage with them most effectively. Marketers need to focus on having the right approach and knowing the current and upcoming trends to reach your ideal members. This is particularly true when serving the Hispanic […]

Hispanic Marketing Pillars

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After a very tough year dealing with post-pandemic problems, credit unions are starting to see the silver lining. Credit unions continue to figure out the best way to help members and the surrounding communities. Now that credit union strategic planning sessions are taking place, it’s a great time to assess what was accomplished in 2021 […]

How Hispanic Marketing Boosts Membership, Team Confidence and Success!

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Credit unions can benefit immensely by serving Hispanic markets. A recent study by the NCUA showed more than 30 million Hispanics who are members of credit unions of a total 60.5 million living in the U.S., according to the Department of Health and Human Services. This burgeoning demographic makes up just 26% of total credit […]

Maintaining diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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“Diversity and inclusion” is a phrase we have been hearing for a while but in the past few years, it’s become an essential part of organizations around the world. We hear diversity and inclusion everywhere from hiring processes, webinars, seminars, workshops to small projects such as community outreaches and more but just how important is […]

Hispanic Acculturation & Its Impact on Products & Services Consumption

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The difference is vast between acculturated and un-acculturated Hispanics, and the impact it plays when it comes to decision making is crucial while choosing a primary financial institution. Maintaining their Latin culture is very important to Hispanics who move to other countries. Latinos do more than just assimilate into the American culture; they acculturate to […]

Credit Unions’ Powerful Role in Latino Financial Education

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In Latin American countries, the concept of financial education is not taught in schools nor by financial institutions. If you were to scroll through the website of a Latin American Bank it will probably take you some time to find a link to an educational portal or blog. It’s rare to find financial literacy programs, […]

Hispanic Marketing in 2020

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Why your effort and time trying to reach the Hispanic market is not working Hispanics account for the fastest and largest growing community in the United States according to Snapshot of the U.S. Immigration in 2019 by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The Hispanic market has enormous untapped business potential and it represents […]