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People who give a damn

They’re not just in the history books.


Those credit unions and leaders who are not content with the status quo – take their communities, teams, and companies to new heights when they set their minds to it. YMC is selective. We choose to only work with credit unions that give a damn about the people and communities they serve, because they’re the ones who will ultimately affect change for the betterment of those around them.


  • Strives to meet their goals

  • Seeks innovative solutions

  • Respects boundaries

  • Values opinions and insights

  • Focuses on strategy

These characteristics are displayed by the credit unions and leaders best-suited to conquer the mundane and become their best. We give a damn too, and we want to help you achieve your credit union growth strategy and mission.


We value the people and credit unions we work with and those who work for us. YMC works hard for them, protect them, fight for them and serve them well.


We value great ideas and the creative ambitions that push beyond the norm for the sake of better serving our credit union clients. YMC provides ideas that are fun and functional. The best ideas can come from anywhere and excite to work, serve and, most importantly, produce for credit unions.


We value our role as stewards of everything that we have been given, and YMC eagerly embraces our obligation to generate results that accomplish our credit union clients’ goals, demonstrate and build on our team’s strengths, and bolster the underpinnings of credit unions and our community.

What We Do


Different personalities require different communication types. We use DISC profiles to help our team communicate better with each other, and we do the same for our credit union clients. We want to understand your personality and communication style, so normal client/agency issues don’t arise in our relationship. We’re abnormal that way.


We love to visit you and your credit union! In fact, it’s an important part of delivering ideas and creative custom fit to your credit union’s members and community. Without seeing your community and building relationships by breaking bread during our visits, YMC could not have achieved the level of success that we have for our credit union clients. After our initial visit, travel expenses for one visit per year are on YMC. That’s how important meeting in person with you at your credit union is to the success of our relationship.


Ask any of our clients. We deliver on time – sometimes even earlier. Because we don’t outsource, YMC has a dedicated creative team that understands credit union growth strategies and your critical mission of people helping people. Every minute counts.


We love sharing our favorite things. If we’re attending the same conference, we’re often inviting you to a concert or sporting event, or maybe just dinner to network with your peers and enjoy some good wine. YMC’s long-term relationships prosper because of the time we spend getting to know you outside of the office and on a personal level, as you feel comfortable.


As part of the YMC Family, you’ll be invited to join us for our annual YMC Family Meeting held each year for our clients to come together and share ideas that remove barriers and lead to growth. We promise the two-day event to be filled with high-quality speakers who are on point, powerful strategic sessions, networking with your peers, fantastic foods and possibly a surprise entertainer….one can only guess what is in store.

What We Don't Do


Goals change. New projects come up. Whether it’s as simple as a new loan product or as massive as a core conversion, we never want you to not come to us for help. As part of our relationship, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Your members hate paying fees, so why should you? It goes without saying that trust is an important part of any relationship. You can trust that the retainer quoted within this proposal is what you’ll pay. We won’t charge you for phone calls or services by the hour. We’ve even been known to come onsite and sling hotdogs at member events and help setup annual meetings from time to time!


We believe in long-term relationships. We achieve longevity of our relationships by adding value and creating trust. Our contract states that you can fire us at any time with 60 days written notice. That’s an important part of being held accountable for results.


Your brand is important. The consistency of your brand is of even greater importance. All of the team members working on your projects are full-time YMC employees. They’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your brand through the long- term knowledge as the relationship grows. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s the best option to make sure we can deliver on the promises we make to you.

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